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Terek has surpassed Khimki

In frameworks of the twenty fourth round situated near Moscow Khimki received on the home field visitors from Grozny. Autsauder superiority already has lost practically every chance on place preservation in the Prime minister - League, but thus the command situated near Moscow could spoil still much blood. In the first circle in a match Terek - FK Khimki the confident victory of the home team with the account 2:0 has been fixed. It is necessary to notice that for all history of opposition of today`s contenders inhabitants of Khimki still never won a victory, also not was is fixed also by any drawn game, but also meetings was only three so football players of a command situated near Moscow could correct statistics.

commands have briskly begun a meeting, however on the first minutes almost all events occurred near to the central circle. The first dangerous moment in a match has arisen on the fifth minute. There has passed hinged transfer to the penal area, the player has responded to a pass himok left in private with the goalkeeper and has punched in the bottom right gate corner. Dikan in a jump has managed to rescue the command. In reciprocal attack visitors have acquired the right on odinnadtsatimetrovyj blow. Rotenberg has broken rules in penal, the arbitrator was a number and assured rigid has specified in a point. Lahijalov has strongly punched on collars almost on the centre. The goalkeeper has guessed a direction of flight of a ball, but to beat off and has not managed.

having passed, the home team has tidied up the initiative to the hands, however groznentsy has departed to the possession and did not allow the contender to create anything near to the penal. Also it is necessary to notice that the home team slightly fussed and made decent number of errors. On the twenty eighth minute groznentsy have acquired the right to dangerous enough penal. Have played penal stay, the ball has departed to a near corner, the goalkeeper has played uncertainly on an exit and has beaten off sphere precisely on Lahijalov who has not managed to forward from two metres a ball to a grid of gate.

approximately for five minutes till the end of the first time in penal the home team there was a disputable episode. After draw of the standard from the left flank, Hajmovich has tried to earn one more penalty for the command and has fallen to a lawn at the first contact to the contender. The referee has understood truly the given moment both has fixed simulation and has handed over to the player Terek a yellow card. Became closer to a break of stops in a match more and more. Thus the majority of pauses has been caused by that football players have received damages to single combats, and medical aid was required. As players of both commands tried, but it is more than goals to a break is hammered and was not. First half of match has come to the end at the account 1:0 in advantage groznenskoj commands.

After a command break have appeared in the field any tired, speeds also left much to be desired, but smoothly rate in a duel began to grow up. Second forty five minutes football players " could create the first interesting moment; himok . There has passed hinged transfer to the penal area from the right flank, struggle was won by Kozhanov and has put a shoot for goal a head, however again the player of a command situated near Moscow to get to an alignment has not managed.

in reciprocal attack Katsaev has managed to escape from the trustee on the right flank, has entered into the penal area, but there has come across at once on two defenders who could beat out a ball on angular, having removed small stress. Has not passed also five minutes as again the home team has created the quite good moment at gate of the contender. The next attack by the right flank was spent by inhabitants of Khimki, has gone zabros to area odinnadtsatimetrovoj marks, whence Logashov has strongly punched on collars a head. On pleasure of admirers Terek The ball has gone hardly above a crossbeam.

time went, and the account on a board continued to remain former. It suited visitors, and here players of a command situated near Moscow still tried to leave from defeat, however they did not have not enough time for this purpose. Under the curtain of a match visitors have removed all questions on the winner in this duel. Players " have played penal on the right flank; Terek the ball has departed on a line vratarskoj, whence Dzhabrailov has punched precisely under a crossbeam a head. The goalkeeper has tried to beat off, but has waved by a ball. It is necessary to give due to inhabitants of Khimki who could score one reciprocal goal. Kirillov has received a ball near to penal and at once has punched in the top left gate corner. The shot has turned out strong and the main thing exact. The jump of Dikanja was already only for a tick. The final whistle of the main arbitrator of a meeting has fixed a victory groznenskoj commands with the account 2:1. Thanking these three points groznentsy have risen on the eighth line and have appeared in immediate proximity from in the lead group.
euro - football
the Championship of Russia.   the prime minister - league. 24 - j round
Khimki (Khimki) - Terek (Grozny) - 1:2   (0:1)
Goals :   Kirillov, 85 - Lahijalov, 11 - a penalty, Dzhabrailov, 83
Preventions :   Rotenberg, 11, Semochko, 30 - Sadaev, 15, Georges, 32, Hajmovich, 39, Gogua, 79, Dikan, 90
3   October. 16:00. Khimki. Arena Khimki
Khimki : Mosquitoes, Semochko, Gapon, Rotenberg, Golovatenko, Zinovev, Kirillov, Logashov, Romashchenko (Kozhanov, 57), Maxims, Antipenko
Terek :   Dikan, Utsiev, Omeljanchuk, Hajmovich (Vlasov, 79), Zabavnik, Georges, Dzhabrailov, Katsaev, Lahijalov, Sadaev (Kleber, 60), to the Punk (to Gogua, 67)
the Judge : Alexey Eskov (Moscow)