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Wagner Lav has brought CSKA victory over Rostov .

CSKA has lost VIDEO to Rostov in three last matches in the Prime minister - league that is why, besides tournament motivation, soldiers at this meeting for certain had also revanchist moods. Last success it is red - dark blue over rostovchanami it is dated August 2007 - go year, and owners who approached to a duel on a success wave, for certain expected to interrupt an unsuccessful series for themselves. After a misfire in a match with the Locomotive soldiers have beaten Siberia and Tom` and on Thursday though and not without effort, but have understood with Sparta within the limits of League of Europe. In all these matches wards Slutsky operated obviously not on a limit of own possibilities, however and it has sufficed to achieve three victories. And here in a duel with Rostov it it could appear insufficiently. As - in any way, rostovchane approached to 23 - mu to round on the fifth place in standings.

though of stability Oleg Protasov`s command to brag cannot in any way. After nobody`s with nalchikskim Spartakom and defeats from Amkara it has beaten houses Anzhi however then again has typed only a point in matches with Alaniej and Siberia . Certainly, in game with soldiers Rostov attentively and interesting, however the game outcome as it is represented again could play, depended, first of all, on mood of soldiers. Rostovchanam it would be difficult to take away points from Himok if owners were properly adjusted on a match.

however they already by tradition of last meetings have begun a duel vrazvalochku. Rate of a match was low, and to overcome defence Rostov even with the full calculation not so - that is simple. The moments for all the first half first time and does not happen. Oleg Protasov`s command accurately adhered to the plan for game, which, probably, consisted in to giving to soldiers of possibilities for fast attacks and to try to translate game in the field middle. it is red - dark blue in rate of a waltz tried to shake defence of the contender, however that did not suppose errors.

the first dangerous moment in game has arisen on 31 - oh to minute when Seku from the right corner penal has punched in a far corner, but Amelchenko in a beautiful jump has returned a ball, which Toshich has tried to add in the purpose, but has not got to an alignment. There and then Wagner and Dumbija tried to slip for the account of an elegant combination of four players of the contender, but the trick is not has gone right. On 35 - oh to minute Nababkin has hung in penal Rostov and ivuariets has not reached a ball a little.

soldiers have unexpectedly started, have switched speed, and there and then visitors have started to glitch at game in defence. However the first ball has appeared in collars of visitors for the account of individual skill of Wagner Lava. On 37 - oh minute to the Brazilian managed fantastic blow have published – a ball, having described a graceful arch, has flown in most the nine a collar of Amelchenko. In two minutes the goalkeeper has been already compelled to play last defender, rescuing the command from an exit in private performed by Toshicha, and in the following attack of Dumbija could escape on appointment to Amelchenko and shoot gate at a short distance, however it was dug with processing of a ball and could not use this possibility.

already under the break owners have doubled the advantage: Wagner Lav realised a penalty, Hagusha appointed for a foul on it. Owners have not strummed on advantage in two balls following the results of the first sorokapjatiminutki, however individual skill of football players of CSKA again has affected result. Wagner Lav has made result, and to football players Rostov It was difficult to count already on successful for itself a duel result.

in the second time visitors have tried to change a match current, but owners did not admit rostovchan close to the collars. Soldiers have dumped again turns, is practical operating under the account. On 50 - oh to minute Pavlenko has received a ball on a line of penal CSKA, but, probably, itself did not expect such gift, without having managed to process a football shell plainly. In seven minutes Pavlenko has passed on Kalachyova who from an acute angle has not managed to rake, but angular has earned. Angular which, however, has not brought danger to collars of Chepchugova which in this match substituted Akinfeeva which have received a small trauma.

Owners have given the initiative to the contender, however visitors did not know, how they should attack to pass defensive usages of the contender. Soldiers after a break practically did not threaten collars of Amelchenko. If it is red - dark blue Also ran up in counterattack did it so slowly that to visitors did not make any work to neutralise threat.

in CSKA to hammer any more did not want, Rostov could not hammer. On 67 - oh to minute Andzhelkovich hardly has not won back one ball, however its blow in a far corner from a corner penal it has turned out a bit inexact, on 79 - oh and 82 - oh Gonsales and Honda were noted by distant shoots for goal with which Amelchenko has consulted. The second time, by and large, could and to be spent. Soldiers have gained is exemplary - an indicative victory on a class, having continued race for Zenith . Rostovchane could not continue the series of successful matches with soldiers, transfers Euro - football.
the championship of Russia. The prime minister - league. 23 - j round
CSKA   (Moscow) - Rostov (Rostov-on-Don) - 2:0 (2:0)
Goals: Wagner Lav, 37,   43 - a penalty
Preventions:   Wagner Lav, 45 - Gatskan, 15, Kalachyov, 42, Hagush, 43
3   October 2010. 14:00. Khimki. Stadium Arena Khimki
  CHepchugov, Nababkin, Vasily Berezutsky, Ignashevich, Alexey Berezutsky, Honda, Shemberas, Seku (Mamayev, 90), Wagner Lav, Toshich (Gonsales, 65), Dumbija (Dzagoev, 71)
Rostov : Amelchenko, Hagush, Grigalava (Pavlenko, 46), Okoronkvo, Andzhelkovich, Kalachyov, Jankov, Gatskan (Blatnjak, 68), Zhivanovich, Lebedenko, Adam`s (Akhmetovich, 77)
the Judge: Vyacheslav Popov (Ekaterinburg)