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the Ruby has lost two points in Novosibirsk. VIDEO

the Ruby has welcomed to Novosibirsk after nobody`s with Barcelona that is why to a match it was clear that Kurban Berdyev will resort to active rotation. As a result it has made at once six changes in a starting lineup to the command in comparison with that combination of players which began a match with Catalans. In defence there was Kuzmin instead of Salukvadze, in a midfield there were Natho, Kasaev and Carlos Eduardo. Have been included in a starting lineup and Gorbanets with Medvedev, still recently playing for Siberia . The instructor of citizens of Kazan for certain counted that in game against the former command football players will manage to prove in all beauty.

Siberia in the last match also has made a feat, for the first time in a season having won on departure. Igor Kriushenko`s command has appeared more strongly Rostov However it has not affected in any way its almost zero chances to remain in the Prime minister - league. novosibirtsy lag behind a saving fourteenth place on seven points, and to avoid a departure in the first battalion to a command, of course, it will not be possible. However it did not mean that Siberians intended to play with the champion carelessly and absolutely without motivation. The head coach and football players promised to give battle to citizens of Kazan who, in turn, almost for certain approached to a match with the outsider of tournament after one of the main games of a season in the weakened condition. For it visitors quite could pay with points loss though any misfire can bring to nothing all efforts applied ruby in a pursuit for Zenith .

the Match has begun on counter courses and is perfect without a swing. Already on 2 - oh to minute Kasaev for the speed has entered into the penal area and has punched, but has got into Joseph - Renetta who has appeared in a knock-down, but the command has rescued. In three minutes Medvedev has not reached a ball after long transfer very little. Visitors confidently and on - hozjajski have begun a meeting, without giving contender of possibility to lift a head and to come to the senses. However to be reconciled with such state of affairs Igor Kriushenko`s wards did not wish also strong-willed effort have removed game from the penal. On 9 - oh to minute Grzhelak dangerously beat in a near corner after a lumbago from flank, but Saffron milk caps has developed and has struck aside uneasy blow.

football players rushed across the field, practically without being late in the centre, game flied from gate to gate. Thus the most part of attacks came to the end with critical moments that tightened and did not give possibility to tear off an eye from a match.

on 13 - oh to minute Noboa with penal has punched precisely in a corner, Vashek in a beautiful jump has managed to return a ball. In four minutes novosibirtsy four have escaped in attack in three, however Chizhek at the last minute zaporol dangerous spot-check to another`s collars inexact transfer. In reciprocal attack Medvedev has appeared in penal Siberia also has punched in a far corner, but Vashek has not pumped up again. A minute later Noboa has given out a class pass on a course to Kasaevu, but the goalkeeper of Siberians has outstripped Alan on a ball.

already in first half first a time contenders have created so much moments that will suffice on the whole match. However they did not stop and continued a kaleidoscope of sharpnesses at gate of the opponent. On 26 - oh to minute of Saffron milk caps has uncertainly played on an exit therefore Grzhelak beat a head already on empty collars, but has not got to an alignment. In two minutes after a canopy from the right flank Medvedev could not punch a head, and here Noboa hardly has not changed Vasheka which have left gate, which podstrahovali defenders. The first time simply could not come to the end without a goal, after all commands did not reduce turns and continued to play storm football. The hammered ball has happened on an outcome of first third of match when Chizhek has given out hinged transfer on a near corner, Joseph - Renett has won struggle against Ansaldi and blow in a near corner has sent a ball in a grid.

citizens of Kazan to a break could recoup. On 33 - to it to minute of owners the bar when Carlos Eduardo after a discount from Medvedev has punched from an acute angle has rescued, and after nine minutes Noboa and Ansaldi in one attack shot at the goal " twice; Siberia but at first owners were gained by Vashek, and then the Argentinean has not got to an alignment. Wards of Berdyeva already after pjatnadtsatiminutnoj pauses when the author of the first ball Joseph - Renett has broken rules in penal have recouped, for what has been appointed odinnadtsatimetrovyj. Noboa realised it much more confidently, than in a match with Barcelona .

Football players continued to operate openly, after all the drawn game did not suit any of the parties. Siberia Theoretically still can rescue from a departure, but only a victory, citizens of Kazan would not like to lose points in a match with the main outsider of tournament. Contenders did not hide in entrenchments and continued to search for happiness at another`s gate. On 54 - oh to minute Medvedev has punched a bottom after hinged transfer, Vashek feet has struck aside the most complicated blow. In six minutes the arbitrator could put a penalty already in gate the Ruby but did not begin to appoint odinnadtsatimetrovyj for a contact of a ball Navasom in own penal.

on 70 - oh to minute Kaleshin and Kasaev have arranged repassing in penal the contender after which the canopy on a distant bar and the subsequent discount in the centre and penal which remained addressless &ndash has followed; Vashek has had time to intercept a game shell. In two minutes the goalkeeper of owners has been again compelled to enter game, having removed a ball from a head of one of contenders after giving on a distant bar from the standard.

Attacks of owners which gradually began to be tired, became more and more rare. Siberians even more often were mistaken, while citizens of Kazan pressed and pressed on the contender in hope dozhat the blown off Siberians. On 77 - oh Eduardo from an advantage-ground in ten metres from gate has sent to minute a ball wide of the mark. And in three minutes Bokketti has not missed any more from a line vratarskoj. Citizens of Kazan have played angular, Kasaev has submitted to collars, the ball has reached the Italian who the first contact has earned additionally a shell to itself on a course, and to the second has sent it in a grid.

however and it was not all. In two minutes Siberians could recoup. Molosh has powerfully punched from the standard, Saffron milk caps has beaten off a game shell directly before itself, and Beljaev which has left on replacement has appeared the first on dobivanii. During remained time of a match citizens of Kazan have tried to pull out a victory, however to hammer in the third ball at them it has not turned out. Though there was a moment at same Kasaeva who on 86 - oh has punched to minute from limits penal in a crossbeam. As a result the meeting has come to the end in a draw which did not suit any of commands. Siberia one point will not help with struggle for a survival, and to the Ruby – in a pursuit for Zenith transfers Euro - football.
the championship of Russia. The prime minister - league. 23 - j round
Siberia (Novosibirsk) - the Ruby (Kazan) - 2:2 (1:0)
Goals: Joseph - Renett, 29, Beljaev, 82 -   Noboa, 50 - a penalty, Bokketti, 80
Preventions:   Ojevole, 51, Beljaev, 82 – Carlos Eduardo, 45, Bokketti, 57, Kornilenko, 62, Kuzmin, 73, Kaleshin, 81
Removal:   Kaleshin, 90
3   October 2010. 12:00. Novosibirsk. Stadium Spartak
Siberia :
  Vashek, Joseph - Renett, Ojevole (Filipenko, 77), Left, Molosh, Degtyaryov, Nagibin, Shumulikovski, Chizhek, Shevchenko (Beljaev, 74), Grzhelak (Kanjas, 88)
the Ruby : Saffron milk caps, Kuzmin, Navas, Bokketti, Ansaldi (Kaleshin, 46), Gorbanets (Kornilenko, 46), Noboa, Natho, Kasaev, Carlos Eduardo (Baljajkin, 85), Medvedev
the Judge: Nikolay Ivanov (St.-Petersburg)