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“ Spartak “ has taken away a victory from Makhachkala. VIDEO

Artem Filipenok  
Moscow “ Spartak “ the match of the next round spent in Makhachkala where has encountered persistent resistance local “ Anzhi “. Conditions on the eve of a match at stadium “ the Dynamo “ it has turned out enough nervous. In Dagestan a day before game there passed a counterterrorism operation that caused fears for safety of participants of a match. However plans of carrying over of game at RFPL was not.
a day before a match of the basic structures the duel of doublers has been excellent. However, it speaks not safety issues, and participation of the whole group of players in selection meetings of the youthful European championship.
“ Spartak “ has arrived to Dagestan with losses. Traumas have received Velliton and Ibson. The best sniper of the championship was quite naturally replaced with Ari, and here Karpin`s second tactical move of many has surprised. In the field in a starting lineup there was nominal left halfback Christian Majdana it was entrusted to them to play is more subcentral.
“ Anzhi “ has selected defensive tactics. The only thing Ilya Kuharchuk was attacking. Jan Golenda remained in a stock.
the first time passed in slow enough rate. A stadium field “ the Dynamo “ which and so hardly it is possible to name at least good, from - for weathers became even worse. Football players often slid, fell that led to a marriage considerable quantity. Sometimes did not pass the most simple transfers that caused quite clear bewilderment of spectators. It is no wonder that to the middle of the first time Dikan, Revishvili plainly did not enter game.
the first dangerous moment has arisen on 22 - j to minute and has there and then led to a goal. Spartakovtsy have submitted angular and, left before collars, Sheshukov has driven a ball in a grid - 0 - 1. Well, Valery Karpin should not answer on rather podnadoevshy a question any more when there will be a first goal “ Spartaka “ in a season performed by the player with the Russian passport.
the missed goal has influenced unless tribunes which began to scan even more assiduously abusive and abusive krichalki in command οπθεηζει address. At players “ Anzhi “ it turned out nothing. Attempts of breaks on flanks came to an end with inexact transfers and defenders of visitors operated confidently enough.
however the chance in a time ending mahachkalintsy all - taki have received. SHukurov has executed penal, and the favourite of local fans Tsoraev beat at a short distance, but Dikan podstrahoval the defenders.
“ Spartak “ on 44 - j to minute has answered with Dmitry Kombarova`s first really dangerous lumbago, but Ari to a ball plainly has not got, and the goalkeeper “ Anzhi “ liquidated threat.
In a break the head coach of owners Gadzhi Gadzhiev has obviously seriously talked to the command, and on the second time “ Anzhi “ left in absolutely other mood. At gate of Dikanja the moments have started to arise. On 51 - j to minute Kuharchuk after a pass from depth in a contact were punched in a corner, but by the goalkeeper “ Spartaka “ has beaten off on the angular. And on 56 - j to minute Bakayev has struck metres with 30 - ti, but this time Dikanja were gained by a bar.
to calm game, Karpin had to change the losses which have got a bit tired and made some of successively Alex for Sabitova. And replacement has worked. In a midfield balance was established, and game has gone again without the moments.
the beginning to an intense ending has put “ Spartak “. For 15 minutes up to the end Sabitovu after giving from penal Majdany needed to hammer from 3 metres to remove all questions on the winner. However spartakovets has managed to push only a ball to Revishvili.
At “ Anzhi “ The second breath has appeared already during time compensated by the arbitrator. At first Kebe has executed dangerous penal, but the ball has left strongly a collar. On 3 - j to the added minute the Senegalese could be rehabilitated. It has entered in penal and has punched in a near corner, but has gained Dikan. And there and then the goalkeeper “ Spartaka “ again has gained a command after giving of the angular.
having forced to worry enough with the fans, visitors nevertheless have kept a victory and have bypassed in standings “ Rostov “. The following match of the championship of Russia Muscovites will spend houses against “ Alanii “. “ Anzhi “ it is necessary uneasy departure in Khimki on a visit to “ the Dynamo “.
the Championship of Russia. The prime minister - league. 23 - j round
“ Anzhi “ (Makhachkala) - “ Spartak “ (Moscow) - 0:1 (0:1)
the Goal: Sheshukov, 21
Preventions:   Bakayev, 74, Kljava, 82 - Parshivljuk, 46, Sheshukov, 52, Ari, 86
3   October 2010. 16:30. Makhachkala. Stadium “ the Dynamo “
“ Anzhi “:
  Revishvili, Shukjurov, Hizanejshvili, Kljava, Gadzhibekov, Sagittariuses (Marksmen, 81), Bakayev, Kebe, Agalarov (Arziani, 70), Tsoraev, Kuharchuk (Golenda, 64)
“ Spartak “: Dikan, Parshivljuk, Pareha, Are dry, Makeev (Ivanov, 78), Sheshukov, the Maidan, Makgidi, Alex (Sabitov, 58), Dmitry Kombarov (Goats, 68), Ari
the Judge: Igor Egors (Nizhni Novgorod)