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Zenith has understood with Spartakom in Nalchik. VIDEO

Nalchiksky Spartak after four matches without victories took itself in hands and has broken on departure the Dynamo having declared to that the command is not going to lay down arms in struggle for eurocup places. Has reminded of itself Djadjun which have issued one week ago het - trik. However in Sunday nalchanam it was necessary to pass the most difficult test from the possible: on a visit to a command of Krasnozhana the new champion of Russia " has welcomed without five minutes; Zenith . Pitertsy twenty matches in tournament and while have never lost have played, and in last round have totally broken Saturn . Nalchane, clearly, should be afraid of a similar series pitertsev, besides their series which they could flaunt before the contender, has been interrupted Moscow Spartakom two weeks ago. Karpin`s team became the first command in this season to which managed to overcome on departure nalchan. Pitertsy, of course, burnt with the desire to repeat success of Muscovites, however and spartakovtsy to a starting whistle were not going to refuse own ambitions.

however the match since the very first minutes has gone not under their scenario. Already on 2 - oh to minute Kerzhakov has unpacked gate nalchan after Vasin has unsuccessfully beaten out a ball from penal after a lumbago of Bystrova. In ten minutes Alexander could cause a stir again, however the forward has too artlessly punched from ten metres, Kolinko has gained the command. Advantage Zenith already on the first minutes was enormous. Spartakovtsy looked lost and did not know what to oppose to the contender. Pitertsy operated solidly and on - hozjajski. The match looked rivalry of commands of different battalions.

the moments arose exclusively at gate spartakovtsev. On 16 - oh to minute Zyryanov of metres from forty has punched in a distant top corner - the ball hardly has not whisked in the nine In four minutes Gubochan after kornera beat a head under a crossbeam – owners were rescued by the goalkeeper. And on 22 - oh to minute pitertsy have issued also the second ball, and Kerzhakov which is at present in the phenomenal form has caused a stir again. Bystrov has given getting transfer in penal, Vasin has not kept attacking, and that has easy beaten Kolinko and has sent a ball to the purpose from an acute angle.

Nalchane in first third of match have not put on collars of Malafeeva of any blow. In an alignment, by – any. In the field there was one command. On 35 - oh to minute Danni shot at the goal from the left corner penal, the ball after a ricochet from the defender hardly has not appeared again in a grid of gate, but the goalkeeper of owners has had time to react to artful flight of a ball. A minute later the first sharp episode at another`s gate noted and nalchane. ZHezus after penalty kick execution was in a step from a line of gate, but Malafeev has not allowed the forward to pierce a shell in a grid, safely having played on interception. Zenith changed nalchan in all respects, however on a break has left with advantage only in one ball. Yes, in one as on 45 - oh to minute spartakovtsy have won back one ball. Golich who has won riding struggle against three defenders has caused a stir and has precisely punched in the corner.

before a break the intrigue in a match has revived, and after it again has died. On 49 - oh to minute Zyryanov has beautifully outwitted two opponents, has softly hung in struggle where in an environment of defenders Shirokov a head has sent a ball in a grid. On 52 - oh to minute Kerzhakov could issue het - trik, but could not change Kolinko in near fight. It was visible that Zenith nagolovu is stronger Spartaka this evening and to compete with pitertsami to owners it is useless. So have, seemingly, thought and nalchane, having reconciled to the fate, having dumped rate and having ceased to attack the big forces. Pitertsy played the pleasure. To hammer still they were not against, but by all means wanted to make it beautifully. Beautifully did not leave, however for a victory and that was, it has appeared more than enough.

On 90 - oh to minute Vasin has powerfully charged from the standard of metres from thirty and has stitched Malafeeva who has passed a shell in a grid directly over itself. However on bolshee owners have not sufficed. zenith has beaten nalchan, having shown a huge difference between the first and the fourth on the eve of round by a tournament command. Pitertsy quite could not bring matters to a nervous ending, however have complicated to itself life. Nevertheless, the victory is a victory. Spartak from Kabardino - Balkarii could not type points in this match and following the results of round has conceded the fourth place Spartaku from Moscow. Pitertsy with great strides dvizhutsja to a champion`s title. More than once govoreno, but it is necessary to repeat what to lose some gold Zenith can only own hands, transfers Euro - football.
the Championship of Russia. The prime minister - league. 23 - j round
Spartak (Nalchik) - Zenith (St.-Petersburg) - 2:3 (1:2)
Goals: Golich, 45, Vasin, 90 - Kerzhakov, 2,   22,   Shirokov, 49
Preventions:   ZHezus, 65, Gogua, 76, Pliev, 85 – Danni, 26, Gubochan, 80
3   October 2010. 18:30. Nalchik. Stadium Spartak
Spartak :
  Kolinko, Vasjanovich, Vasin, Jovanovich, Pliev, Leandro. Geteriev, Golich (Rylov, 76), Gogua, Djadjun, Zhezus (Siradze, 66)
Zenith : Malafeev, Anjukov, Alvesh, Lomberts, Gubochan, Shirokov, Denisov, Bystrov (Mejra, 90), Danni, Zyryanov (Fajzulin, 82), Kerzhakov (Buharov, 74)
the Judge: Sergey Karasev (Moscow)