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the Locomotive dozhal Saturn in Ramensky. VIDEO

After defeat from Zenith with the account 1:6 Saturn veins by thought as soon as possible to be washed from the comprehended shame. A victory over the Locomotive quite would approach in qualities of means of achievement of this purpose, however to achieve it it was uneasy. railwaymen more close to season finish are on the sly dispersed, and in three last matches have typed seven points. However, on a visit Muscovites yet did not win now that spoke well for owners. Saturn though was on the eve of round on the eleventh place, but houses in second half of season has lost only to Rostov . The statistics supported a drawn game. Twelve of twenty three duels between these contenders have come to the end thus, in seven won the Locomotive in four - Saturn .

the Match has begun struggle for the initiative. Visitors on the first minutes looked more active aliens railwaymen attacked hardly more aggressively and were natselennee on gate of the opponent. Already on 2 - oh to minute Majkon has escaped in private with the goalkeeper, but has thrown gate, in nine minutes Loskov with penal whether beat, whether hung – the game shell anyway became extraction of players Saturn . On 17 - oh to minute Glushakov in a contact was put on a ball from a line penal - Denis`s blow looked effective, but to the purpose has not got. Game went on counter courses, but attacks of wards of Semin reached logic end is more often. the locomotive pressed and took away the initiative, Saturn resisted as could, but advantage of Muscovites became more and more appreciable.

On 27 - oh to minute Kinski has outstripped Gatagova, and after all otherwise Alan could appear with the goalkeeper in private, through nine Majkon, reminding about itself in a match portsionno, has reached to the stranger penal and has punched on collars, but is too strong, the game shell has gone on tribunes. the locomotive forced pressure upon another`s gate, but operated without speed and without a highlight, expecting to take the contender with small losses. However Saturn kept in an orbit and tried to calm game, having brought down an offensive impulse railwaymen .

the First time has come to the end without goals though in its ending for a capture of gate Loskov had two moments. At first Dmitry has in a fantastic way twirled a ball in near the nine Kinski in a mad jump has managed to pull out this ball, and then it has punched in a contact in a far corner from limits penal after magnificent transfer from Wagner, but has not got to a goal mouth. Since first minutes of second half of meeting owners have played where more actively, than operated to a break. Visitors have been compelled to care of defence that is why cares at Kinski in the time beginning it was reduced more.

however gradually visitors have removed game from the gate, have adjusted control over a ball and have intercepted the initiative. On 57 - oh minute Glushakovu managed one more quite good blow, but the ball has flown by in schitannyh centimetres over a crossbeam of gate Saturn . In four minutes Gatagov krutanulsja before a ball, hardly having entered in penal, and only then has executed prostrelnuju transfer, but the ball has got to Kinski. Already owners have been compelled by all command to depart for the half of field, however visitors operated so inertly and lifelessly that ramenchanam did not make work to destroy all their attacks.

on 68 - oh to minute Wagner has received a ball near to penal and has punched in the top corner, not without effort Kinski has managed to cope with this blow. In seven minutes Glushakov was once again tried on to collars of Kinski by blow have published, however in the next time has not got to an alignment. Loko has held in attack last minutes meetings, the command struggled up to the end and has been rewarded for it. On 85 - oh to minute Majkon has received a ball a back to collars and has thrown off it on Loskov, Dmitry has driven a ball precisely in a lower corner of gate of Kinski.

the Locomotive has won a victory, has typed 33 points, it was made even by quantity of the typed points with Rostov also has come nearer to an eurocup zone – to two Spartakam . In a following match it is necessary to Semin`s command the extremely important match in struggle for Europe – the duel with nalchanami, transfers Euro - football.
the championship of Russia. The prime minister - league. 23 - j round
Saturn (Ramensky) - the Locomotive (Moscow) - 0:1 (0:0)
the Goal: Loskov, 85
Preventions:   Grachev, 62, Kinski, 89 – Tarasov, 47, Loskov, 84, Torbinsky, 89, Shishkin, 90
3   October 2010. 20:30. Ramensky. Stadium Saturn
Saturn :
  Kinski, Angbva, Grachev, Igonin, Parfyonov, Alexey Ivanov, Sparrows, Yevseyev (Kopunek, 56), Nemov, Karjaka (Mahmudov, 86), Kirichenko (Topich, 70)
the Locomotive : Gilerme, Shishkin, Djuritsa, Basha, Janbaev, Glushakov, Tarasov (Rodolfo, 80), Wagner, Loskov, Gatagov (Torbinsky, 63), Majkon (Traore, 90)
the Judge: Alexander Gvardis (Kaliningrad)