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Velliton: Now all goalkeepers will pretend that I have played roughly

in the field after disqualification the Brazilian forward Velliton has noted Returning by a goal which has allowed is red - white to leave from defeat.
- entertainment the match, isn`t that so has turned out?
- Yes, game is really daring, - Velliton has agreed. - Our command attacked all match and created the good moments. We not bad co-operated, but could achieve only nobody`s. Well, it is comprehensible result, though Spartak deserved bolshego.
- you have been surprised, what did not leave in the field since first minutes?
- Everyone wants to play the basic structure. Certainly, I counted that I will leave from first minutes. But so occurs not always. But, having entered game in the second time, has brought the contribution.
- the head coach the Locomotive Jose Kousejru admitted recently that considers Zenith the strong team in Russia. The contender has indeed seemed to you a command which more than others deserves a champion`s title?
- There is no saying, whether really Zenith the best. I think, to consider more correctly that a number of commands applies for a title: we, Zenith the Dynamo and CSKA. Any of these clubs, most likely, also will win gold.
- in one of episodes you have appeared near to Malafeevym when it beat out a ball. The goalkeeper has fallen also all kind showed that you on it sfolili.
- know, it seems to me, now all goalkeepers in the championship of Russia will pretend that I against them have played roughly - not important, whether there was there actually a foul.
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