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V.Malafeev: the Arbitrator should delete Vellitona

the Goalkeeper of Russian national team and Petersburg Zenith Vyacheslav Malafeev has shared the opinion concerning a match 26 - go round RFPL with Spartakom come to the end in a draw 2:2. - the Match as it seems to me, has completely justified expectations of fans of both commands, - Malafeev in interview to the official site has noted, - in the beginning of game owners more attacked, have created the whole series of the most dangerous moments at our gate. Anything supernatural, but intensity was. The motivation of owners was visible an unaided sight. Then game by us has been levelled, collisions on counter courses have gone. There were many dangerous counterattacks, and one of them has ended with a getting pass in our penal and a ball in the gate - insulting srezka. Game drawing became further more open, but the result of such football has appeared successful for us: We have requited, and the contender did not come nearer to my possession on dangerous distance. Then there was a removal which justice is not subject to doubt, the active beginning of the second time, we have come forward and should fix advantage. Felt that emotionally after game with Port we were tired, and it was necessary to hammer on spirit: as it was obvious that strongly to add in an ending it will not be possible. But one approach of owners has crowned their success: after pass of Velliton has struck the blow which has come to the end with a goal. Further we have lost a meeting thread, the contender has intercepted spirit, but thus all of us equally could and should win this match. Nevertheless, for spectators and journalists the duel has turned out that is necessary: is, on what to argue what to disassemble, look.
- than it is possible to explain the situation which has developed in the field after a series of replacements of owners? There were instants when it seemed that the Zenith plays well simply on carrying out...
- the Contender played very simply, interrupting our central lines blows from penal, throwing a ball on attacking which, in turn, well operated on selection. But I would not tell that in the second time of Spartak strongly me disturbed.

- adherence to principles of a duel, nevertheless, had an effect.
- Yes, especially oils have added the events which have happened the day before with buses of fans to fire. Well also it is impossible to forget that in matches with this Moscow command regularly there are many goals and disputable episodes. It means that contenders each other are not afraid and play the football, without being arranged under the opponent.
- interesting one more: next an episode performed by Vellitona...
- from the point of view of sequence of decisions of the referee should show a yellow card and delete the attacking: In less serious collision at gate of contender Lomberts of a card has received. On set of the actions of Velliton this mustard plaster has deserved. Yes, on igrotski I have admitted it to myself, have tightened, but it does not justify it: already after I have beaten out a ball, I have received a painful blow in a foot. Unpleasantly: you do not expect that the contender so itself will move.
- summarising: have lost two points or have earned a drawn game in a match of the highest level of heat?
- Have lost, unequivocally. On departure with such contender, under circumstances which accompanied a match, we should win.