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eks - head the fan - club Spartaka : I know, who has attacked fans Zenith

Eks - the head official the fan - club Moscow Spartaka Egor Petrov has commented on the incident connected with an attack on fans Petersburg Zenith . - In - the first, I will notice that I am literally one month ago have left from a post of the head of department on work with fans and for today I can tell only as the private person. Nevertheless, my opinion the following. In - the first that practically everything that is written about it in a press - up to that there even application of the traumatic weapon is mentioned, - not absolutely represents the facts.
yes, similar incident with bus of fans Zenith took place to be. But thus why - that anywhere at all is not underlined that it is literally for half an hour before this incident passengers of this bus have arranged small uproar on local autorefuelling. About it why - that the press is silent, and we see only unilateral illumination of events. That is, spartachi - bad, and pitertsy - good. And that on refuelling pitertsy have a little engaged in hooliganism - this information to me is known from law enforcement bodies.
but, besides, that the material damage has been put the bus, I can tell that anybody from fans Zenith has not suffered. The part of the attacking has been detained, they are in police station Konakovo - at least, remained there this night. Now there is an incident investigation.

I personally consider that it, maybe, and not ordinary incident among other numerous similar cases in the history of opposition the fan - groups, but, we will tell so, obviously does not deserve such great attention which to it try to give. I understand that any sensation and other is necessary to the same journalists, but, in my opinion, took place no more than small hooliganism. But, besides, while investigating bodies will not establish this fact of hooliganism, to speak about degree of someone`s guilt prematurely.
Here too many various hearings. In particular, it was informed that six have approached on the bus also, and even almost ten cars - here too many the most different versions. But actually all was much easier. And once again I underline that fans Zenith have not suffered. And especially, not from what travmatiki at the bus did not fire. It I can tell to you precisely.
as to the one who exactly Attacked on the bus... I know about it, but to speak about it I will not begin. Yes, of course, as the former head official the fan - club Spartaka I know these people. And then, as I was not present on a scene already therefore I can not speak about degree of guilt of separate concrete people. The only thing that I can tell, as far as I know, they are members one fan - movements.