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War between fans Zenith and Spartaka there was on a new coil

Taras Medvedev  
the Part of fans Zenith has not reached Moscow and could not visit a match of the command with Spartakom : in the Tver region the bus carrying fans, has undergone to an attack in which result victims have been taken to hospital. The episode has caused the big resonance, upon an attack criminal case has been brought.
the attack chronicle
the Attack has occurred about village Zavidovo in area Konakovo (this place is known including to that there takes place one of the largest fate - festivals of Russia, Invasion ) . The bus in which was about 40 fans Zenith have compelled to stop - to a roadside it was pressed by three cars, Land Rover, Toyota Camry and Ford Focus (under other data, cars was six). And, as eyewitnesses tell, at first the bus have thrown bottles, have punched wheels and for this reason the driver has been compelled to brake. Under other data, the bus has been simply blocked by cars.
further, under different versions, there was a following. Passengers of the bus whether left on road, whether have undergone to an attack directly in salon. Attacking have thrown the bus stones, have tried to beat out glasses armature, and then have begun shooting from the traumatic weapon. The driver could reach the nearest post of traffic police, and from a post the police has already been caused, and law enforcement officers have arrived into place quickly enough. The attacking have tried to disappear, however police officers on Sunday managed to detain some of hooligans. All of them are detained at 48 o`clock. As writes the Soviet sports all of them have appeared fans Spartaka .
Fans Zenith remained on a traffic police post as the bus has become unfit for use, and to go on it it was impossible further. The victim had been rendered the help, however in hospital two have addressed all, and damages of these victims were not too serious.
fans Zenith and Spartaka fans " have agreed about fight in advance
Under not confirmed information; Spartaka and Zenith in advance have agreed about fight (practice of similar contracts exists in the western fan tradition), however the bus with fans Zenith in an agreed place has not stopped, and consequently fans Spartaka Have rushed to a pursuit. Anyway, like so arrested persons, younger of which explain 22 years an event.
and though this information of acknowledgement has not received, that fact, as fans Zenith carefully prepared for departure to Moscow, does not raise the doubts. On the main page of an incorporated site of fans Zenith landscrona. ru even now, already after a match, the following reference hangs:
Guys, at us ahead not the next departure to Moscow. It is necessary to us - departure on Spartak . It means what to concern it it is necessary absolutely differently. With other degree of concentration, a spirit, a rage. He/she is the most basic contender for us, about it those who do not consider itself as fans know even - and we should understand it as anybody another. The basic contender as in the field, and out of it.
Gather for this departure properly. Watch the companions, all time remember that each of you is responsible dvizh Zenith . Watch the colours, banners and flags - after loss of any of them on such departure to you, quite probably, it is necessary to fasten with football on fan sector. Be attentive on a tribune and on the way to it, look around, watch the colours.
and, of course, each of you should give all the best on all hundred on a tribune! If we want to be the best we should suit in Luzniki the present hell in all senses of a word. Be in shape, charge itself, the neighbours in sector and a command in the field energy .

Attacking will not incur punishment
possibly enough that to criminal case it will not be set in motion - hardly someone from fans Zenith including victims, will give evidences in police. What fights would not occur between fans, they consider cooperation with police movetonom. On a site rusfan. ru it is published following the Code of honour of football hooligans :
1. The fan does not co-operate with police, does not search at it for protection against other fans. In fight of the fan with police always supports the first even if this fan from the most hated gang.
2. Fight between hooligans should pass on clean hands, or at the consent of both parties - on make-shifts (the sports stock means: kapy, bandage - a comment rebel_in_system). Fights should be spent in a secluded place not to involve in fight of extraneous people.
3. you win or not, I always love you, in my heart there is a football club in pleasure and grief . This slogan the main point of the code of the fan: to be both in a grief and in pleasure with club, irrespective of its tournament position.
4. It is impossible to take away from enemy fans of cellular telephones, jackets, footwear and other things not connected with fanaticism - the fan not the thief. Do not fall to level of street muggers.
5. On national team matches the armistice between fans - for all support one and it for a national team
6 should be concluded. If the enemy fan gives a flag or a scarf and does not want to fight, it is necessary to release it easy. If one against group can for it be offered that is called time on time (in private). It is impossible to scoff at the won opponent.
7. Respect the unions (with other clubs) and never them break.
8. If you fought, you any more have not lost.
and as seriously suffered is not present and the police hardly will have a reason to insist on careful investigation and to prove fault of those who is already detained. By the way, as has commented on an event in interview to the Soviet Sports Head of the All-Russia association of fans Alexander Shprygin, attacking have broken the second point of the code, having used of the traumatic weapon. However, according to same Shprygina as in the bus ordinary fans went, instead of ultras, all has ended quickly enough and scale fight does not happen. And in general, according to Shprygina, anything terrible has not occurred: I am just very good to myself it I represent, as all fan youth have spent in buses, on departures, with pursuits and overlappings of roads. I saw and I know that this such. I will tell to you, anything deadly in it is not present, buses " suffer first of all;.
it is necessary to add that after the match of arrested persons it has appeared 10 times more - the police has detained more than 100 persons.
from Click to Konakovo: war does not stop
Collisions between fans Zenith and Spartaka Have occurred not for the first time, and, certainly, not in last. Between clans of fans there is a real war which beginning was necessary on August, 30th, 1997 when in Moscow on the Shchelkovo highway there was a scale fight in which have taken part more than one and a half thousand persons. In August, 2004 already in St.-Petersburg there were collisions between fans who have received the name Click - 2 .
However, it is necessary to notice that on buses or trains to fans of an attack occur seldom. Last time the similar loud attack has taken place in 2010 - in Makhachkala have thrown stones and even have fired from a fowling piece at the bus with fans Spartaka . However similar cases all - taki do not carry mass character.