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the Best player of the Russian legion in Europe in this uik became the best legionary uik - enda - end there was Pavel Pogrebnjak: though the forward also did not manage to be noted by a goal, it was very useful, has led in the field all match (more to any the Russian to win back 90 minutes it was not possible), and in many respects thanking its actions Stuttgart could win a match of the eighth round.
Andrey Arshavin, the Arsenal
Tottenham - the Arsenal 2:1
Andrey Arshavin in this meeting left in the field on 77 - j to minute, having replaced Zhervino, - according to Arsene Vengera, now the Russian legionary is not in the best condition. Anything it was not possible to prove especial Arshavinu: the Arsenal conceding by the time of its exit in the field with account 1 - 2, with the same account also has lost. In the table Londoners go on 15 - m a place.
Roman Pavluchenko, Tottenham
Tottenham - the Arsenal 2:1
Pavljuchenko in this match remained   in a stock. Tottenham goes in the table on the sixth place, having game in a stock.
Dinijar Biljaletdinov, an Everton
an Everton - Liverpool 0:2
Biljaletdinov in this match remained in a stock. an Everton goes the thirteenth, also having a match in a stock.
Pavel Pogrebnjak, Stuttgart
Kaiserslautern - Stuttgart 0:2
Is the first match in the championship of Germany in this season, in which Pogrebnjak has won back with the first until the last minute. To cause a stir to it it was not possible, but as a whole it operated not bad: Very much tried, had time to win back both in attack, and in defence, and, quite possibly, this match has won to itself a place in a starting lineup and on the future. Stuttgart takes the seventh place after eight rounds.
Dmitry Bulykin, the Ajax
Groningen - the Ajax 1:0
Dmitry Bulykin left in this match on replacement on 19 - j to minute instead of traumatised Kolbejnna Sigtorssona, however to finish till the end of a match and itself could not - on 61 - j to minute the Ajax remained in minority, and Frank de has removed the Drill from game of the forward, having replaced it with Andre Ojera. The Amsterdam club takes the third place in superiority of Holland.
Marat Izmaylov, sporting
Gimarajnsh - Sporting 0:1
Marat Izmaylov could not take part in this match from - for knee traumas. sporting takes the fourth place, lagging behind from in the lead the Benfika and to Port on three points.