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Barcelona has won a guest victory over the Benfika

Spanish Barcelona continues to head group G after a victory in the second round of a group stage of League of champions of UEFA. Catalans have on a visit beaten the Benfika and now have on the to account 6 of points. We will remind that in the same quartet acts also Moscow Spartak .
In gate of the goalkeeper the Benfika in each of times has flown on one ball. On 6 - j to minute of a match Alexis Sanchez has caused a stir, and in the beginning of the second 45 - minutes were hammered by Fransesk Fabregas.
Thus it is necessary to note and an unpleasant trauma of the captain Leopards Karlesa Pujolja. The defender of a command has strongly damaged a hand at falling during struggle in penal the Benfika .
In group N of expected victories have achieved the MU and Home-made beer . Englishmen have understood on departure with the Romanian club CHFR after two goals of Van Persi. Thus, to hammer, Alex Ferguson`s wards at first needed to pass.
in a parallel match Portuguese Home-made beer also has hammered in two goals Turkish to the Galatasaray . On an outcome of half an hour of a match of Ruben Mikael has opened the account, and in the end of game the Brazilian forward Alan has hammered in the second ball.
league of champions. Group G. 2 - j round
the Benfika (Portugal) - Barcelona (Spain) - 0:2
Goals: Sanchez, 6, Fabregas, 56
Removal: Serhio Buskets, 88
the Benfika : Arthur Guzmau, Maksi Pereira, Zhardel, Garaj, Melgareho, Sezar (Karlush Martinsh, 46), Gaitan (Nolito, 75), Matich, Peres (Ajmar, 60), Lima, Salvio
Barcelona : Victor Valdes, Dani Alves, Maskerano, Pujol (Song, 78), Hordi Alba, Havi, Serhio Buskets, Fabregas (Inesta, 72), Sanchez, Messi, Pedro (Vilja, 82)
Group H
CHFR (Romania) - Manchester United (England) - 1:2 (1:1)
Goals: Kapetanos, 14 - Van Persi, 29, 49
CHFR: Felgejrash, Is glad, Shepshi, Kadu, the Pint, Kamora, Mureshan, Bastos, Agirregaraj (Nikoare, 81), Kapetanos (Belanovich, 61), Sugu (Luis Albertu, 24)
Manchester United : De Hea, Ferdinand, Evra, Evans (Vutton, 79), Yes Silva, Fletcher, the Anderson, Kleverli, Runi, Van Persi, Ernandes (Uelbek, 83)
the Galatasaray (Turkey) - Home-made beer (Portugal) - 0:2 (0:1)
Goals: Ruben Mikael, 27, Alan, 90
the Galatasaray : Muslera, Ebue, Semih Kajja, Nunkeu, Selchuk Inan, Riera, Felipe to the Chalk (to Elmander, 76), Emre Cholak (Ekta Kurtulush, 78), Umut Bulut, Jilmaz, Amrabat (Ajdyn Jilmaz, 46)
Home-made beer : Betu, Doglan, Vinisius, Dos Santos (Elder Barboza, 84), Ugu Vian (Mahamat, 78), Ruben Amorim, Kushtodiu, Ruben Mikael (Nunu Andre Koelju, 90), Leandru Salinu, Alan, Eder