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League of champions: Zenith - the favourite in game with Milan

Anton Mozgovoj
the Victory is very necessary to us for a raising of moral spirit - so before an accounting match the instructor " spoke; Zenith Luchano Spalletti. On Wednesday we should spend very important duel - the meeting from the trainer " has received such characteristic; Milan Massimiliano Allegri. And in these words there are no exaggerations.
zenith and Milan unsuccessfully started in League of champions, without having achieved victories. Italians have not managed to crack defence modest Anderlehta and Russians and at all were mercilessly bits in Malaga. Troubles of the operating champion of Russia have proceeded and in the internal championship. As a result after 1/ 3 tournament distances pitertsy have located in the standings middle, lagging behind the leader on 5 points.
it is unconditional, one of the main reasons mini - crisis Zenith the bad psychological condition of football players is. That fact that in a command there are similar problems, has confirmed also Luchano Spalletti. Therefore during time a press - conferences before a match he has declared the following: After defeat from Malaga we have appeared in very unpleasant situation. It is necessary for us to win to return itself confidence of own forces. Milan there are in a similar situation, as well as we. Therefore for both commands the future match has the major value. The victory for a fighting spirit raising " is necessary to both commands;.
In Zenith there is no crisis
the Forthcoming duel will be very important as in it there are two favourites of our group. And it is unimportant that in starting matches they have not shown the potential. I looked many games Zenith . And I do not consider that this command is in crisis. Spalletti - the excellent and clever trainer. Its problem - to force players to forget about problems. The Russian football continues to grow. We see that many known players go to the Russian clubs. Perhaps my players do not have such mutual understanding, as at football players Zenith but we are in the good form. We possess good technics, and in last matches we looked not bad. On Wednesday we are going to play even better - has assured Massimiliano Allegri.
it is By the way, valid Milan and Zenith experience similar difficulties. Actually, it is red - black the same as and sine - it is white - blue not very well started in national championship. So, after 6 rounds Milan occupies only 11 - e a place, having typed only 7 points. Thus rossoneri lost is more often, than won. Probably, unimportant form of the Italian football players the forecast of the bookmakers who have named " speaks; Zenith the favourite of this meeting. The factor on a victory of Petersburgers makes nearby 2. 20, and on a victory Milan - 3. 55!
Bookmakers - and these children seldom are mistaken - consider Zenith the favourite of a match on Petrovsky . However, Spartak they too considered as the favourite - rates on its victory were accepted with factor 1,60.
On two fronts
it is quite possible that Massimiliano Allegri should make an uneasy choice. The matter is that on Sunday its wards should lead a basic match with Interom in A.Uchityvaja`s Series that in the championship of business at Milan are not got on, Allegri can resort to structure rotation. Certainly, even defeat from Zenith will not be accident for rossoneri . Games with " become defining; Malaga and, of course, a house match with Zenith .
the Photo: AFP
In this situation it is the extremely important to Russian champion to achieve the necessary result. In - the first, in following round of the championship of Russia to Zenith it is necessary not the heaviest duel. On Sunday wards of Spalletti will play with Krasnodar which in a current season cannot brag of excessive fighting spirit. Then Zenith will spend two matches with Anderlehtom in which the Russian club can actually guarantee to itself an exit in the following round of League of champions. But, naturally, at first it is necessary to win Milan .
Statistics on the party Milan
the Russian and Italian clubs repeatedly met in Euro cups. As a rule, oppositions of representatives of two countries came to an end with victories of Italians. In total Milan has spent 6 duels with clubs from Russia, truth Zenith among them was not. Thus rossoneri have conceded only once. There was it in far 1975, when in an UEFA Cup Moscow Spartak has beaten Milan in the first match dvuhraundovogo oppositions. Nevertheless, in a reciprocal meeting Italians have achieved necessary result. If to speak about times of Russia as the independent state, Milan stayed with us once. In 2003 rossoneri have got into one group of League of champions with the Locomotive . Railwaymen have conceded in both matches with the identical account 0:1.
Zenith also 6 times met commands from Italy. In an UEFA Cup/ to League of Europe these meetings have not brought positive emotions to fans and football players peterburzhskogo club. In 1999 Zenith on Petrovsky Has conceded to Bologna with the account 0:3, having transformed a reciprocal meeting into formality. Later 10 years in plej - off Leagues of Europe Zenith struggled for an exit in the following round with Udineze . In the first match Petersburgers have lost with the account 2:0 on a visit. In a reciprocal duel to Zenith has not sufficed most malosti to translate game in an extra time (1:0).
the Photo: AFP
In 2008 Zenith it has appeared in one group with Juventus in League of champions. A debut Zenith in League of champions was marked by worthy defeat in Turin with the account 1:0. Then in Russia contenders of the winner have not revealed - 0:0.
the Curious facts:
- In Euro cups on Petrovsky Zenith does not lose in the last 16 matches. Last defeat of the champion of Russia was necessary on a duel with Real (1:2), taken place 30 - go September, 2008.
- Milan almost 2 years cannot already win a victory in Euro cups on a visit. So, last success rossoneri on international scene out of limits of Italy it is necessary for November, 2010 when has been beaten Oser (2:0).
- Luchano Spalletti and Massimiliano Allegri are not only compatriots, but they also both were born in Tuscany.
quotations of bookmakers (BK the Marathon ) :
Zenith - Milan 2. 2 - 3. 45 - 3. 55
Last matches of commands:
Zenith - the Locomotive 1:1 (Krishito) Baltic - Zenith 1:2 (Halk, Bruno Alvesh) Krylja Sovetov - Zenith 2:2 (Halk, Shirokov) Malaga - Zenith 3:0 Zenith - Terek 0:2
Parma - Milan 1:1 (the Ale - Sharaavi) Milan - Cagliari 2:0 (the Ale - Sharaavi - 2) Udineze - Milan 2:1 (the Ale - Sharaavi) Milan - Anderleht 0:0 Milan - Atlanta 0:1
the Match Zenith - Milan will begin at 20:00 Moscow time. - sports will spend text online - translation of this meeting.