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Management Rosagrolizinga Employees of Central administrative board of economic safety and counteraction of corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia will check up on participation in plunders

check the information on participation a top - managers of Open Society Rosagrolizing to mullions-strong plunders.
within the limits of operative support of criminal case about plunder at this company more than 500 million rbl. of budgetary funds policemen have revealed an additional episode of the illegal activity the director of Open Company " became which figurant; Lipetskagrotehservis Igor Konjahin.
According to anticorruption management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2009. Open Society Rosagrolizing has concluded the contract with Lipetskagrotehservisom on 707 million rbl. about purchase of the equipment for manufacture of vegetable oils and fats. However after transfer of an advance part of payment at a rate of 58 million rbl. The equipment has not been bought, and money resources have been spent for economic needs of the Lipetsk company.
concerning I.Konjahina criminal case on ch has been brought. 4 items 160 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (assignment or the waste made in especially large size). Earlier this businessman became the figurant of business about swindle and has been taken into custody.
Rosagrolizing - the state agroindustrial leasing company which on representation of the Ministry of Agriculture is engaged in purchase of the equipment and technics for regional administrations and agricultural manufacturers. It is the unique Russian company which is carrying out delivery of highly productive breeding cattle on the terms of federal leasing. The general director Rosagrolizinga is eks - head Rosimushchestva Valery Nazarov, the chairman of board of directors - eks - the deputy of the State Duma from an United Russia Valentina Ivanov.