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The Syrian insurgents have brought down the fighting helicopter over Damascus. VIDEO

Fighters Free Syrian army resisting to armies of the president of the country Bashara Asada, have informed that it was possible to bring down the fighting helicopter of the governmental forces over Damascus.
oppositionists have laid out videorecording in the Network. In the first shots of a roller there is a smoking helicopter, then onboard the aircraft the fire then it falls flashes. Insurgents explain that the helicopter fired at areas in the east of the Syrian capital.
about destiny of pilots of the information is not present, however, apparently, to survive it it was not possible. The Syrian TV channels have confirmed that over Damascus the helicopter is brought really down.
we will remind, earlier in the east of Syria insurgents managed to bring down a fighter the Instant - 23, belonging to the governmental armies. The pilot catapulted, but was taken prisoner.
the armed opposition of the authorities and opposition proceeds in Syria since March 2011. The opposition demands resignation of the president of B.Asada, accusing the governmental forces of violence in relation to the peace population.
official Damascus asserts that under cover of democratic slogans in the country the gangs of the armed terrorists supported from - for a boundary boss. By opposition estimations, since March 2011. In the country were lost more than 21 thousand persons.