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Isaak has fallen upon the USA later 7 years after hurricane Katrina

the Tropical storm Isaak now storming in Gulf of Mexico, can outgrow in hurricane. Act of nature threatens with serious destructions to American states Louisianas, Florida, Alabama and Mississipi. Many Americans mark znakovost occurrence Isaaka in an anniversary of hurricane Katrina which exactly has carried away 7 years ago lives of 1800 persons.
it is difficult to believe in it, but today, after seven years after hurricane Katrina our destiny is defined again by hurricane, - Mississipi Fila Brajanta quotes Reuters the governor. - it is the Now most important, that inhabitants Mississipi have realised all menacing by it dangers and were prepared for potential consequences .
Under forecasts of weather forecasters, Isaak will outgrow in hurricane on Monday evening or on Tuesday. As have informed in the National centre of hurricanes, the storm, predictably, finally becomes hurricane of the second category with a steady wind of 169 kilometres per hour.
Isaak it was generated on Tuesday, on August, 22nd, in Atlantic ocean. The maximum speed of a wind in storm epicentre reaches 64 km/ ch. The elements have put the first blow across Haiti where four persons were lost.