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FBI prevents chemical attacks

US authorities have detained 10 persons having a false driving licence on driving of transport for transportation of dangerous cargoes. At least four from arrested persons do not speak English. All driving licence has been given out in Pittsburg, since July, 1999. Last rights have been received in January, 2000.
now FBI conducts search 20 more person, a driving licence suspected of a fake, informs CNN referring to the statement of department of justice of the USA. Measures have been accepted after the government declared threat of carrying out by terrorists of new attacks - this time chemical or biological.
According to the information of department of justice of the USA, arrests have been spent in states of Missouri, Michigan and Washington. US authorities also have informed that while there are no proofs of that the persons detained in Seattle, Detroit and Kansas, concern the criminal plan of terrorists.
it is necessary to notice that one person of the Arabian origin has been detained under the warrant which has been written out in Pittsburg. 5 more person have been detained in Detroit, four, according to preliminary data, natives of Iraq, have been arrested in Seattle. Today they will appear before court of Seattle.