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Experts: S.Hussein uses not less than three doubles

For last four years instead of the Iraq leader Saddam Hussein on public appeared at least three its doubles. To such conclusions the German judicial pathologist of University of the earth Saar Diter Buhman has come, having noticed that it has proofs of it before the statement put forward by some researchers.
D.Buhman has informed that, having conducted researches of videorecordings with 450 performances so-called S.Hussein he has found out that on films different people are represented. anatomic features of persons differ, - marks D.Buhman, - at one of them, for example, very wide person and distance between auricles strongly differs from the same distance at S.Hussein. At other of the people represented on records the length of a chin " strongly differs;.
it is necessary to notice that the version of the German expert is confirmed indirectly with the Arabian press which wrote about the precautions used by S.Hussein much. In particular, in publications it was mentioned that the Iraq leader often uses doubles and never spends two nights on end in one building.
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