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Hurricane kills again Americans

According to all available information, six persons became victims of hurricane Jeanne in American state Florida. It is not excluded that the elements can carry away lives and bolshego quantities of people.
US president George Bush already declared Florida a disaster zone, and the governor of staff Jab Bush tries to calm inhabitants. to it the end should come. The moment when we again can speak about a normal situation in staff " will come; - the politician has declared.
meanwhile while the situation is far from the normal. Florida, not had time to be restored after those previous hurricanes, continues to suffer elements blows. And though Jeanne it is not so destructive as Frensis it pleases unfortunate inhabitants of staff a little.
victims of hurricane are people who have risked during elements to go out of doors and go to a way. So, two persons were lost in own car which has fallen in lake, on 15 - the summer boy the tree has fallen, and one more inhabitant of Florida was lost from electricity blow. It has touched a wire of the fallen high-voltage mast. There was also one sunk. It has choked in own house. Policemen assure that the victim was in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication that is why has not managed to undertake necessary measures for own rescue.
It is supposed that a damage only from hurricane Jeanne can make from 4 to 8 billion dollars. Already now it is possible to tell about destruction of the well-known beach of Dajtona the Scourge, and also a huge loss which is put the airport the Palm the Scourge and to the cosmodrome on cape Canaveral.
scientists say that four hurricanes for one season have visited in the USA for the first time since 1886. 120 years ago similar accident has occurred in the State of Texas.