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In Paris have stolen euro brilliants in cost of 11,5 million

Today all French newspapers will dazzle with headings: the Robbery of a century . In Paris where these days there passes an antiquarian exhibition, brilliants over 11,5 million euro (14 million dollars) are stolen in the total cost . Exhibits were shown in prestigious expocentre Carrousel du Louvre, close to Louvre.
according to representatives of police, are stolen a white brilliant in weight in 47 carat and cost of 6 million euro, and also a blue brilliant in 15,74 carats which is estimated not less than in 5,5 million euro.
under the statement of the authorities, theft has been made in the afternoon, transfers AR. Malefactors have used that the security guard for some time has left showroom. As the consequence, a show-window where there were brilliants has established, has not been equipped neither the alarm system, nor a videocamera, and on the glass does not remain any traces of breaking.
it is necessary to notice that in capital of France robberies of jewelry stores are frequent enough. Thus criminals often use absolutely not trivial methods. So, in 2002 thieves have approached on one of shops on a motorcycle and, having broken a show-window, by means of the small vacuum cleaner have stolen jewelry for the sum of 142 thousand dollars.
however the present robbery by right can be considered as a robbery of a century. Something similar happens 3 years ago: then the rare pink brilliant is powerful 162,4 carats completely has disappeared during transportation by an air way from Geneva in the republic of South Africa. Its cost was estimated in 6 million dollars, however cost gone on the eve of jewelry more than in 2 times above. It is necessary to be surprised only carelessness of employees of an exhibition which have left in broad daylight expensive diamonds without protection.
antiquarian fair passes in Louvre from September, 15 till September, 28th, and in it take part more than hundred antiquarian and jeweller firms. At fair one of the most well-known brilliants in the world - " is shown; a south Star weight in 128,48 carats which was exposed on sale by firm Cartier. It is known for the rozovato - brown colour.