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The Air Forces of Israel shoot again across Gaza Strip

the Israeli Air Forces twice today have fired at the purposes in the north of Gaza Strip. As have informed sources in the Palestinian services, as a result of aviablow the bridge on one of highways is destroyed, transfers AR.
Messages on victims of incident did not arrive. According to the Israeli command, during the first night operation by the bombardment purpose there was a highway used by the Palestinian insurgents. During the second the building in camp of refugees the Khan - Junis in the south of sector has been destroyed. According to the Palestinian sources, in a building there was one of movement offices Fath and currency exchange point.
under the statement of the Israeli command, these actions of armed forces are a part of a policy of Israel, called to provide safety of citizens of the country.
the international community is seriously concerned by situation deterioration in the Near East. So, Washington has called PNA and Israel to restore today calmness in region after a new coil of violence. during uik - enda we have carried on negotiations with both parties and have urged them to promote an establishment of quiet conditions - the official representative of US State department Sean Mak - Kormak has declared. As he said, it is now important, that the authorities PNA carried out of the organisations of acts of terrorism undertaken on prevention and struggle against terrorist structures.
we will remind, in a past week-end conditions in Gaza Strip have sharply worsened - after the Palestinian insurgents have fired rockets of handicraft manufacturing at Israeli Sderot. After this the Israeli armies have spent a number of special actions in Gaza Strip.
the prime minister - the minister of Israel Ariel Sharon has ordered to carry out a number of spot-checks and arrests of the Palestinian active workers in Gaza Strip and on the Western coast of the river Jordan. Actually the prime minister has allowed to conduct the Israeli military man any actions against the terrorists planning attacks on the Israeli objects. Observers are afraid that violence escalation in region can threaten summit carrying out between A.Sharon and M.Abbasom, planned for October, 2nd.