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Insurgents have renewed an armistice with Israel

Extremist Palestinian grouping Islamic jihad and a number of other Palestinian armed organisations declared renewal of an armistice with Israel.
the statement on this theme was made today by one of leaders Islamic jihad Haled al - Batsh after a meeting with other participants of movement in Gaza. we have renewed an armistice with Israel provided that Israel will stop to show aggression against our people - has noted H al - Batsh.
Within last several days the army of defence of Israel performs military operation which became the answer to rocket bombardment of the Israeli city of Sderot by insurgents " in Gaza Strip; Hamas . Under the statement of official Tel - Aviva, the purpose of the operation which has received the name the First rain were all representatives extremist grouping. Israel has informed that operation will proceed until the Palestinian rocket bombardments will not stop.
during touches of the Israeli aircraft some warehouses with the weapon of insurgents have been killed, and also the considerable loss is caused to an infrastructure of extremists.
the beginnings right after of the Israeli operation Islamic jihad and other extremist organisations declared an exit from an armistice, having accused Tel - Aviv of infringement of the Egyptian arrangements.
the situation in Gaza Strip hardly has not led to serious political crisis in Israel. Ariel Sharon`s opponents have tried to achieve its displacement from a post of the leader of party in power Likud however as a result the head of the government has achieved victory over the opponents which were headed by the former prime minister - minister Binjamin Netanjahu.