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The Georgian police blocked a building of staff GRVZ in Tbilisi

Divisions of the Georgian police have surrounded a building of a staff of Group of the Russian armies in Transcaucasia (GRVZ) which is located in one of the central areas Tbilisi.
employees of patrol force stand on the roadside two streets passing at a building of staff GRVZ. Automobile movement on highways passing here is not stopped.
thus the Minister of Defence of Georgia Irakly Okruashvili has declared that the staff of Group of the Russian armies in Transcaucasia will be blocked until in it there will be spies and saboteurs . Building GRVZ is allocated by the diplomatic status, we yours faithfully concern it, but the Russian authorities should understand: we will not remove an environment until there there are people in which relation we have documentary confirmed charges in espionage activity and realisation of acts of sabotage - the minister in broadcasting company interview " has told; Rustavi 2 .
we Will remind that earlier on charge in espionage of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has detained four Russian officers GRU. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia Vano Merabishvili has declared that the group of the given officers operated in territory of Georgia, over it Anatoly Sinitsyn who is the organizer of act of terrorism in supervised Burn on February, 1st 2005. As he said, the group consisted of 5 persons, thus the fifth officer Konstantin Pitchugin disappears now in staff GRVZ.
in this connection the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia spends building picketing, diplomatic immunity of this territory does not allow the Georgian special services to carry out on it any actions.
the Russian side has regarded the data dejsvija as the next provocation and has made the protest.
nevertheless, by words to words, Iraklija Okruashvili Georgia any more will not admit revelry of scouts and agents in the territory . There was time when we have structurally concerned the request of the authorities of Russia to transfer to them - it was not in mass-media - the Russian high-ranking colonel Smartly which we have detained on suspicion in the organisation of acts of sabotage and electric main explosion - I.Okruashvili has told. It has explained: We have made it only because waited from their party of constructive steps. But in the answer have received absolutely another. From now on such constructivism is finished .
As to arrested persons today 4 officers GRU of Russia, on them do not extend diplomatic immunity, the Minister of Defence has declared. He has added: We will be rigid enough that these people have been transferred the Georgian justice .
the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has already extended videorecording of detention of the Russian officers. The legal investigation proceeds.