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The federal court of the USA has stopped work from - for explosion threats

Today in the USA the suspicious bag has been found out in a federal court building (near to a congress building). It has been left near a trailer parked at an input in court.
in this connection from a building people have been evacuated, and the territory has been around surrounded.
however later it was found out that the bomb near a building is not present. As experts a suspicious bag have informed did not contain some explosives, and the Federal court in Washington has renewed the work, transfers (C) Àssociated Press. Representatives of the power have informed that the alarm has been declared “ from precaution “.
However it is interesting that evacuation has occurred shortly before the beginning of hearings on the case of information leakage from the Central intelligence service of the USA (CIA).
It is a question of transfer to journalists of the information on the agent of CIA Valeri Plejm, working under cover. Within the limits of this business of charge have been shown L.Libbi - to the former assistant to the vice-president of the USA Dick Cheney.
in general since January 2004ã. The special court of inquiry led by public prosecutor Patrick Fittszheraldom has interrogated tens employees of presidential administration. In particular, in June 2004ã. Indications on this business gave J. Bush.
according to a number of analysts, transfer to a press of the information that Valeri Plejm is the agent of CIA, has been undertaken by employees of the American administration for the purpose of discredit of her husband. Last repeatedly accused US president Dzh. Bush in distortion of the facts about presence in Iraq weapons of mass destruction on the threshold of intrusion into the given country in 2003ã. In particular, he has refused to confirm a legend that Saddam Hussein ostensibly got the enriched uranium in the African state Niger.