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The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has detained four officers GRU of Russia

the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has detained four officers of the Main intelligence service (GRU) Russia. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia has informed on it to journalists Vano Merabishvili.
As he said, this group of officers GRU operated in territory of Georgia, over it Anatoly Sinitsyn who is the organizer of act of terrorism in supervised Burn on February, 1st 2005. The group consisted of 5 persons who throughout several years carried out reconnaissance activity in territory of the country.
we had an information that it planned serious provocation, therefore we have decided to detain her - the minister has told. As he said, among arrested persons - colonel GRU Alexander Savva, lieutenant colonel Dmitry Kazantsev, lieutenant colonel Dmitry Zagorodny and major Alexander Baranov.
according to V.Merabishvili, now in staff GRVZ in Tbilisi the fifth member of group - lieutenant colonel GRU Konstantin Pitchugin disappears. The Georgian divisions carry out staff picketing. on this territory diplomatic immunity extends, and we do not have possibility to carry out action in this territory, therefore the department of counterspionage of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has addressed to the Russian side with the requirement to transfer to Georgia this person - the minister has underlined.
we will remind that before division of the Georgian police have surrounded a building of a staff of Group of the Russian armies in Transcaucasia (GRVZ) which is located in one of the central areas Tbilisi. Employees of patrol force stand on the roadside two streets passing at a building of staff GRVZ. Automobile movement on highways passing here is not stopped.
in M.Merabishvili`s statement also has informed volume that on charge in change to the native land are detained enlisted by group of officers GRU of 12 citizens of Georgia. Four from them are detained in Batumi, the others in Tbilisi and other cities of Georgia, one is wanted. There is a set of proofs of their fault. Defensibility of Georgia, the program of integration of Georgia in the NATO and the further plans in this sphere, power safety, political parties and the non-governmental organisations, military purchases, railway communications, the army divisions deployed in disputed zones, and etc. " were the main objects of their interest; - the minister has told.
very serious and dangerous group is neutralised, - the minister has declared. - we categorically demand to transfer lieutenant colonel GRU Pitchugin that he has answered before the law, but I am assured that the Russian side will try not to transfer to us of the scout - has concluded V.Merabishvili.
Meanwhile, according to last information, the ambassador of Georgia in the Russian Federation Irakly Chubinishvili has been caused in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia where stats - the secretary - the deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation Grigory Karasin has declared it the resolute protest because law enforcement bodies of Georgia had been arrested officers of Group of the Russian armies in Transcaucasia.
as transfers department of the information and the press the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, it has been underlined that the Russian military men from structure of Group of the Russian armies in Transcaucasia, being in Georgia, provide a conclusion of the Russian military bases on corresponding Russian - to the Georgian agreement. The Russian side accurately carries out undertaken according to two-way deals. At the same time the Russian military men constantly should face provocative actions from the Georgian party.
Contrary to the obligations, the Georgian authorities create obstacles in work and living conditions of the Russian military men in Georgia. They are exposed to unreasonable charges. A series of the arrests undertaken by the Georgian authorities on September, 27th of this year concerning Russian officers GRVZ, became the next rough attack which confirms the Antirussian course of the authorities of Georgia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is told in the message.
the corresponding note with the requirement to the Georgian authorities immediately is handed over the ambassador to release the Russian officers.
as has declared I.Chubinishvili to a broadcasting company Imedi by phone from Moscow, it have caused today in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and have demanded from the Georgian authorities to release arrested persons in Tbilisi and Batumi the military men named it employees GRU and to raise blockade of staff GRVZ. As he said, the Russian side considers that this incident extremely will complicate Georgian - the Russian mutual relations .
In turn, the chief of the Joint Staff of Armed forces of the Russian Federation Yury Baluevsky has declared that detention by the Georgian authorities of four Russian officers - it is a lawlessness, chinimyj the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia Irakliem Okruashvili and its environment transfers TV channel to Conduct . According to J.Baluevsky, now the Joint Staff together with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation undertakes a number of steps under the permission of this situation .