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In Murmansk the car with militiamen

Large accident has broken has occurred in Murmansk area. The car in which there were officers of regional government on struggle against the organised crime, going on the task has got to road accident.
VAZ 2114 has turned over on 6 - m highway kilometre Polar - Salmijarvi, the radio station " transfers; the Beacon . Thus one of militiamen was lost.
presumably, the driver of the car has not managed to drive. On a scene the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of Murmansk area Vitaly Fedotov has left. In connection with incident it has cancelled the participation in session of the regional government.
hardly more than month back in other large road accident which was taking place in Republic Altai, was lost two officers the Ministries of Internal Affairs (Ministry of Internal Affairs) - the man and the woman. The tragedy has occurred near village Jaloman of Ongudajsky area of republic.
As have informed in the republican Ministry of Emergency Measures, failure has occurred because of the driver - 42 - the summer lieutenant colonel of internal service who has not managed to drive. As a result Honda car has fallen from breakage, having flown by about 80 m. the Driver and the passenger - 42 - the summer woman in a rank of the major of internal service - have received serious traumas from which have died on the spot.