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The Somali pirates have released a Japanese vessel for $2 million

the Somali pirates have released a Japanese vessel for the repayment in 2 million dollars. The vessel following under the flag of Panama, has been grasped by pirates on July, 20th, on its board there was a crew from 21 persons - citizens of Philippines. According to the representative of the authorities, pirates promised to leave Stellu Maris still yesterday, but while remain onboard.
pirates still onboard as are afraid, having descended on coast, to undergo to bombardment or to be arrested persons - local sea official Abdulkadir Muse Jusuf has explained to Reuters agency.
he has added that to a place of disembarkation of pirates cars which have been given them on terms of transaction are directed.
we will remind, on Friday at coast of Africa in Adensky passage pirates had been grasped the Ukrainian vessel Faina going under the flag of Belize. It carried to Kenya 33 tanks T - 72 and spare parts to them. Now heavy machinery in hands of pirates. They in a captivity have also all crew Fainy : 3 Russians, 17 Ukrainians and 1 Latvian - only 21 persons.
we will notice that an overall objective of pirates, as a rule, is the profit. But if earlier the purpose of pirates was withdrawal of cargo, money and values at a command, recently they demand the repayment for the grasped vessels and hostages. It is not excluded that criminals will try and to return the grasped technics to its lawful owners, having demanded the impressive repayment. However the probability and that tanks can come into the hands of the Islamic extremists operating on the African horn iseverovostochnom coast of continent is great.
attacks of pirates at coast of Africa already name a sea plague of the XXI-st century . Captures of foreign courts occur almost each week. Among pirates natives of Somalia where about 30 years there is a civil war prevail. Only for last month African gentlemen of good luck Have stolen 12 courts, in their hands are more than 200 hostages.
the majority of attacks occurs in gulf of Aden washing coast Somalias and the connecting Red sea and Indian ocean. The gulf is one of the navigable routes most loaded in the world on whom annually pass about 20 thousand ships.