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Upon helicopter Ka wreck - 32 in Adygea check

Interstate aviation committee and Rosaviation is spent spend dosledstvennuju check upon helicopter Ka wreck - 32 in Adygea. On it inform local mass-media.
based on the results of testing the decision on criminal case excitation will be accepted. Except experts the POPPY and Rosaviation, on a place of accident inspectors of Southern investigatory management on transport work.
according to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, as a result of tragedy in Adygea two crewmen of helicopter Ka - 32 were lost. On a place from the received traumas the commander of a vessel Alexey Esimenko and flight mechanic Vadim Nezemtsev have died, the second pilot Oleg Vashchenko is in resuscitation.
Vertolet Ka - 32 has suffered accident on September, 26th around mountain Fisht in Republic Adygea territory nearby 12:00 Moscow time. The Aircraft transporting concrete for a lining of transmission lines, has failed with 30 - metre height. As a result of falling the vessel has been completely destroyed.
Under the preliminary version, the helicopter has fallen at ascent from - for technical malfunctions, the representative of Rosaviation has informed the press.
Vertolet Ka - 32, developed OKB Kamov, represents civil updating of ship anti-submarine helicopter Ka - 27. It is applied at transportation of large-sized cargoes in weight to 5 tons, installation of support of transmission lines and cellular communication towers, suppression of fires and rescue operations.