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The Russian who has struck the governor is threatened with 5 years of prison

In Tomsk accusation is brought to local resident Sergey Zajkovu. It is suspected of an attack on regional governor Victor Kressa, informs investigatory management of Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor (SKP) the Russian Federation on region.
the attack has occurred still on March, 2nd in a Tomsk Palace of creativity of children and youth. S.Zajkov has unexpectedly approached to the governor and has struck it on the person with shout For death of my grandmother! .
it became known later that S.Zajkov organised in the field of a protest action. About 5 years ago the search has been conducted in its apartment. The grandmother accused so from - for it has suffered prolonged anxiety that it had a heart attack, and later she has died. V.Kress said later that did not know about death of the grandmother and very much was surprised to an attack of the unknown person.
since March S.Zajkov was in custody. In the beginning of September it have released under a subscription about nevyezde.
now With. Zajkovu accusation on p.1 item 318 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation (violence application, not life-threatening and health, concerning the representative of the power in connection with execution of the functions by it) is brought. If the fault is proved, it is threatened with punishment till five years of imprisonment.