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Slaughter at festival near Kiev: participants were beaten in bits

In Ukraine by unknown persons with bits have attacked participants of nationalist musical festival Gajdamaka which passes nearby to Kiev.
as inform local mass-media, people with bludgeons have got on territory of carrying out of festival, have approached to tables of registration and have started to beat all successively. Protection conceding in number could not render due resistance, and militiamen basically have acted as witnesses.
having arranged slaughter, unknown persons have got out of crowd and have disappeared in an unknown direction.
the similar case has occurred on August, 29th in Russia. At musical festival the Tornado in the city of Miass the group with bludgeons and armature has attacked spectators of a concert. Some tens persons then have got wounds, and heads of local militia following the results of events have been sent in resignation for inactivity of subordinates.
However if in Russia it is considered that events in Miass had criminal character (ostensibly a slaughter-house has ordered the owner of local shashlik house) in Ukraine suspect that the slaughter-house near Kiev had political character. The matter is that Gajdamaka - a holiday not only national, but also to a nationalist song, and the festival is accompanied by lectures on a theme of struggle of Ukraine for independence of Russia. A number of politicians supported an interdiction for carrying out of festival or its check about kindling international break a set.