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The turned over lorry convoy has partitioned off MKAD

On the Moscow ring highway (MKAD) in area Ochakovo the lorry convoy transporting the building crane has turned over. As a result around road accident the big stopper was formed.
as have informed in capital law enforcement bodies, road accident has occurred nearby 11:00 Moscow time on MKAD outer side. The lorry convoy transporting the building crane, has turned over and has partitioned off movement. Injured dorozhno - transport incident is not present.
Now movement on MKAD is restored. Causes of accident are found out.
the similar case which has led to formation of the big jam, has occurred on MKAD on September, 11th of this year Then on 28 - the m of km of inside of MKAD between Kashirsky and Warsaw highway has overturned a gasoline tank truck. As a result of failure transported fuel has spread and has lighted up. The fire area has made about 40 sq. m. Fortunately, firemen had time to cope with fire quickly. As a result of failure nobody has suffered, however on MKAD the serious stopper was formed.
a month before it movement in a southern part of MKAD has been blocked from - for bridge collapses. On August, 16th in a southern part of a ring highway the truck has touched the technical bridge. Its parts have fallen to road therefore movement has been paralysed at some o`clock while works on clearing proezzhej parts proceeded.