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In Mumbai new explosions

In housing estate Nariman House where the Jewish centre grasped by insurgents is located rattle, two new explosions have thundered. In a building shooting is audible. Presumably there are from 2 to 3 terrorists. For their destruction from air the special purpose group is landed.
about victims while it is not known, transfers the Indian TV channel NDTV. It is informed only that from a complex 7 persons are rescued.
in the Jewish centre some persons, including the rabbi with a family were kept in hostages. However after a while the Indian mass-media referring to the police statement have informed that in the grasped centre there are no hostages more, and remained only 2 - 3 terrorists.
we will remind that on November, 26th the group of insurgents has made the co-ordinated series of attacks to a number of objects of Mumbai (the former Bombay) - an administrative centre of state of Maharashtra and the financial centre of India. Two luxe-class hotels (Taj Mahal and Trident Oberoi), the railway station, popular restaurant among tourists " have undergone to an attack; Leopold the Jewish centre, local hospital and central administrative board of police in the south of Mumbai.
As a result of attacks to which 11 objects in a city have undergone in total, were lost more than 100 persons, more than 300 have got wounds of various severity level. The given polices are that. However local mass-media referring to sources in hospitals inform that the number of wounded men reaches 9 hundred. In hospitals victims continue to arrive.
the Indian journalists result such details: the majority of victims - citizens of other states. Insurgents who operated with special cruelty, chose the purpose of citizens of Great Britain and the USA.
law enforcement bodies have performed operation on zachistke hotel Taj Mahal. The police managed to release all survived lodgers of hotel. It is known that in a building terrorists have killed from 60 to 80 persons, including nearby 20 persons from attendants. According to the Indian television, in hotel were 5 - 7 terrorists. The exact information that became with insurgents, no.
In the meantime from hotel Trident Oberoi 39 hostages are released. At the same time at least 2 terrorists still are in a building. In total in Trident Oberoi were more than ten terrorists. Till now in hotel remain, under the different data, nearby 200 persons - lodgers (including three citizens of the Russian Federation) and attendants.