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The death toll in Mumbai has exceeded 150 persons

the Death toll in the Indian city of Mumbai has reached 155 persons, informs local TV channel IBN. 327 More person, according to official figures, have got wounds.
it is not excluded that the number of victims can increase still. The condition of a part of wounded men is estimated as heavy. Besides, the special troops comb hotels Taj Mahal and Oberoi in which still there are bodies of victims.
city mine clearing Is spent also. Only in luxurious hotel Oberoi was it is found out 24 explosives.
meanwhile till now it is not known, who exactly has organised so scale attack on a mullions-strong city. Very few people believes that it is a question of grouping Mojaheds of the Dean about which earlier anybody also did not hear. it is obvious that they where - that very well trained. Not each military man is able to address so skilfully with Kalashnikov`s automatic machine and pomegranates - the fighter of the special troops, wished to remain not named has declared in interview of Associated Press.
of India are assured that the relation to an attack has Pakistan which rather treats favourably the extremist groupings supporting branch from India of Kashmir. However in Islamabad categorically deny similar conjectures and even have agreed to send the chief of the special services in Mumbai to help investigation of act of terrorism.
also the investigation team are ready to send and the USA. In Washington especially razdrazheny that fact that the terrorists who have grasped hotels, set as the purpose to kill more British and Americans. From other countries - including from Russia - they released tourists. However, among victims all the same there were two Australians, one citizen of Japan, the German, the Italian and the British.
we Will remind that to a synchronous attack in Mumbai have undergone including two luxe-class hotels (Taj Mahal and Trident Oberoi), the railway station, popular restaurant among tourists Leopold local hospital and police central administrative board.