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In the Chechen Republic in skirmish with insurgents the militiaman was lost, five more are wounded

In Nozhaj - Jurtovsky area of the Chechen Republic as a result of firing with insurgents the militiaman was lost, five more employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are wounded.
as has informed a source in republic law enforcement bodies, militiamen have faced insurgents during carrying out of operative actions in a large forest around settlement Simsir near administrative border with Dagestan.
according to some information number of a gang made approximately 20 persons. They have been armed by automatic small arms. Now the incident area is surrounded by agents of national security, searches of insurgents are conducted.
it is necessary to notice that activity of insurgents in the Chechen Republic has considerably decreased recently. Nevertheless, in the North Caucasus, and in particular in Ingushetia next to the Chechen Republic and Dagestan, it is difficult to name a situation quiet as there regularly there are attacks on employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, other power departments, and also local administrations.
so, in Dagestan this week as a result of collision with insurgents two law enforcement officers were lost, three more have got wounds.
week before in this republic has been fired kontrolno - a protecting post Manasaulsky on which five employees of a company patrol - sentry duty of city department of internal affairs drew duty. One militiaman was lost. And in the afternoon before unknown persons have opened fire on following on service in the militian form to the operative person on duty Shamhalsky poselkovogo militia department. According to field investigators, fire was conducted from not completed house on village Leninkent suburb. From the received traumas the militiaman has died. In both cases criminals managed to disappear.
and in the North Ossetia act of terrorism with participation smertnitsy for the first time has been for the last years made. The woman has undermined itself at a bus stop near the central market of Vladikavkaz. 12 persons were lost and 39 more have been wounded. Presumably, explosion has carried out 45 - the summer native of Ingushetia.