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Wreck the Neva express train : the death toll has reached 30 persons

As a result of wreck of a high-speed train the Neva express train 30 persons were lost. The State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia has informed on it.
meanwhile at selector meeting in the Ministry of Emergency Measures with participation of the head of department Sergey Shojgu approximately at 11:00 Moscow time it has been informed about 25 victims and 18 missing persons.
but also this data can become not definitive. Rescuers do not exclude that the part of bodies is under the turned over cars.
while bodies of victims are on a scene. Later they will be directed to Tver.
also there was new data about victims. According to the Ministry of Emergency Measures 96 persons the majority from which are already placed in hospitals of settlements of the Tver and Novgorod areas, and also St.-Petersburg are wounded.
on November, 27th nearby 21:35 Moscow time in the Novgorod region on 285 km of the October railway four cars of passenger train N166 the message " were derailed; Moscow - St.-Petersburg . Incident has occurred on a stage of Aleshinka - Uglovka. One of failure versions the Neva express train - act of terrorism.