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In villages of the Novgorod region there is a search of terrorists

Police officers search for the terrorists involved in blasting the Neva express train on border of the Tver and Novgorod areas. Operative actions while are spent in nearby villages.
as chief Severo - the Western Department of Internal Affairs on transport the general has informed at selector meeting in the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia - the major of militia Anatoly Zhukovsky, the scene cordon now is made. Are spent it is investigatory - operative actions in adjoining territory, and also in nearby villages.
it is established that explosion has occurred at 21:25 Moscow time. For 44 minutes before on the way without any incidents has passed other structure.
the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Rashid Nurgaliev has set the task to strengthen work of police officers in places where in connection with failure there will be a big congestion of trains: at stations Bologoe, the Bottom, Yaroslavl, Alexanders and others. We should not admit chaos and a panic and, the most important thing, we should assist our people - has noted R.Nurgaliev.
on November, 27th 2009. At 21:25 Moscow time on 284 km of the October railway on a stage of Aleshkino - Uglovka have descended from rails last two cars of train N166 the Neva express train following from Moscow to St.-Petersburg. On the given fact criminal case under item 205 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation " is brought; terrorism and under item 222 (illegal circulation of the weapon, explosives and explosives) the criminal code of Russian Federation.