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The police of Rio has given to narcobusinessmen time to a decline

the Brazilian police demands from representatives of the narcocartels which have sat down at shelter in one of suburbs Rio - de - Zhanejro to surrender to a decline to avoid bloodshed, transfers Bi - Bi - Si.
it is better to Criminals to lay down arms independently because when operation " will begin; will make it much more difficult . Besides, as the representative of police Lima Castro has noted, at carrying out of night operation of advantage on the party of the policemen using devices of night vision.
hundreds policemen and soldiers have surrounded area Alemao where now there are many heads of the criminal clans which have hidden there after several days of fierce collisions.
representatives of police assert that their actions are directed, in particular, on making a city more safe before large sports events which Rio - de - Zhanejro in 2014 and 2016 are coming. Brazil accepts the World championship on football in 2014., and in 2016. Here will pass summer Olympic games, for the first time in territory of the South America.
we will remind, all last week in a city there were fights: gangsters attacked public transport, plundered passengers, stopped cars and set fire to them, shot at policemen. Spetsotrjadu the police did not manage to regain control over situation. Then the authorities have made the decision on armour input in area of actions. During operations of policemen 45 representatives of narcocartels have been destroyed at least.
in 70 - h for struggle against power criminality began to sell licences for shooting of criminals by inhabitants. Men of means began to employ squadrons of death for zachistki cities from gangsters. Within several years the organised crime in the country has been destroyed. However in 80 - h these measures have been forbidden, and the criminality became more active. In 90 - e In favelah tens cases of an attack on guards have been fixed. Policemen answered rigidly and resolutely: in 1996. The police officer and it podelniki which have revenged for murder of the workmate has been condemned, having shot 27 inhabitants of slums (presumably, members OPG). Annually in suburbs Rio - de - Zhanejro as a result of firing perishes not less than 1500 persons.