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The authorities of South Korea have cancelled evacuation of frontier areas

the South Korean authorities have cancelled the order on evacuation of civilians from the areas adjoining to the demilitarised zone and border from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea.
as Associated Press reports, evacuation has been cancelled after the situation with actions of the North Korea has a little cleared up. As it was found out, military Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has really arranged shooting from its part the differentiating line, however any shell has not fallen to territories of South Korea.
at the same time the Ministry of Defence in Seoul has declared that watches closely moving of military Democratic People`s Republic of Korea and is in case of need ready to give the order on reciprocal fire.
in Seoul really were afraid that Democratic People`s Republic of Korea will undertake active actions in reply to the joint doctrines which have begun on Sunday. It was confirmed also with bellicose statements, throughout all week coming of Pyongyang.
the Situation on the Korean peninsula has become aggravated in the middle of the week when Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has subjected to strong artillery bombardment South Korean island Jonphendo. Tens houses have been destroyed, four persons were lost, all civilians should be evacuated.
South Korea has opened reciprocal fire, but as a result in Seoul have refused the rigid answer, being afraid of development of the conflict into full-scale war.