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Death of the witness on “ to business Magnitsky “ long kept a secret

the Russian businessman Alexander Perepilichnyj - one of the main informants on business of auditor Hermitage Capital of Sergey Magnitsky - has died in England. Its body has been found in a magnificent private residence in a county Surrey, newspaper Independent writes.
it is necessary to notice that suddenly died A.Perepilichnyj did not complain of health. Also it became known that he has died still two weeks ago, however on death of the Russian have informed just now.
according to Independent, the Russian businessman has died on Saturday (the edition does not name concrete date) in the sixth o`clock in the evening. Also it became known that shortly before A.Perepilichnogo`s death in the house of the businessman the police has been caused. After half an hour when guards have arrived to the place of a call, the businessman was already dead.
nevertheless in police have declared that while they do not have serious bases to suspect that death And. perepilichnogo was violent. While it was not possible to establish the exact reason of death of the businessman.
A.Perepilichnyj who has lodged in Great Britain about three years ago, has given to the Swiss Office of Public Prosecutor of data on employees of the Russian tax service which have ostensibly grown rich on prosecution of British fund Hermitage Capital. According to the businessman, large monetary streams from the Russian tax specialists passed through bank Credit Suisse, and were invested in real estate in Dubai and Montenegro further.
we will remind, S.Magnitsky has been arrested in November 2008ã. On charge in tax crimes. The auditor has spent to a pre-trial detention centre about one year where at the age of 37 years has died, without having waited vessels. It is established that untimely rendering of medical aid to the arrested person became S.Magnitsky`s cause of death. Native the lawyer and legal experts are assured that employees of a colony are involved in S.Magnitsky`s  destruction and power higher bodies.