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The police has applied gas against people in the centre of Cairo: one person was lost

the Egyptian police has applied tear gas against demonstrators on the area Tahrir . As a result of actions of law enforcement bodies one person has received a serious poisoning and has died, informs TV channel Euronews.
Also on Tahrire there were collisions of demonstrators with special troops. It is informed on hundreds victims. Thus to clear city centre of opponents of president Mohammed Mursi to the authorities and it was not possible.
Disorders proceed and in other cities of the country. So, attacks on party in power representations Brothers Moslems have occurred in Alexandria and Suez.
meanwhile the authorities declare that in Cairo protests not only opposition, but also supporters of the president, demanding to finish opposition in the country.
the opposition accuses M.Mursi and Brothers of Moslems In attempt of usurpation of the power after the decree of the president, actually granting to it the right to remove any judges and on the to treat the constitution.
we will notice that disorders in Egypt have not affected a tourist stream in this country from Russia. Mass refusals of permits till now it is not fixed. Thus travel agencies notice what to predict the further succession of events in the country - business ungrateful.