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S.Jamadaev: Someone wants to set me on Kadyrov

the Former commander spetsbatalona the East we Promise Jamadaev considers that his brother Ruslana could kill to provoke the conflict to Ramzanom Kadyrov. About this S.Jamadaev has told in interview to the edition Kommersant .
By words eks - the commander the East many knew about its uneasy mutual relations with the president of the Chechen Republic, that is why quite could go on R.Jamadaeva`s murder to provoke collision. S.Jamadaev has noticed that already after a crime there were provocative messages in mass-media that on funeral in Gudermes he has ostensibly sworn to revenge R.Kadyrov after end of sacred month Ramadan.
after I have read this information on the Internet, I have thought that someone very much wants to substitute me, to set me on Kadyrov. I am simple so it I will not leave. I will bring an action against this edition. Also I think, law enforcement bodies should understand, this information and who has ordered it " whence undertook; - the former commander " has declared; the East .
Also we Promise Jamadaev has not excluded that those who wanted to kill him after arrival to the Chechen Republic could kill Ruslana Jamadaeva. it will lead to very bad consequences. Not all in the Chechen Republic it will understand, especially people who serve in federal structures .
Also in interview we Promise Jamadaev has denied resulted before the version that could kill his brother from - for money. As he said, the family of Jamadaevyh has no relation to the Chechen oil.
Besides, eks - the commander the East has flayed present position in the Chechen Republic. It has expressed bewilderment by that fact that people who during war shot federal columns, carry now epaulets, are officials and deputies.
Ruslan Jamadaev has been shot in the car on Smolensk quay in Moscow in the middle of last week. eks - the deputy of the State Duma has died on the spot.