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The Ministry of Emergency Measures has denied messages on a collapse of the Third transport ring

Authorities of the capital have denied the information on a collapse of a platform of the Third transport ring around its crossing with Zvenigorodsky highway.
have denied this data both in prefecture of the Central administrative district, and in department of propagation of capital management of traffic police of Russia.
capital rescuers have been surprised also. According to the head a press - services of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Moscow Evgenie Bobyleva, they have arrived on a scene after the first messages to mass-media. However after platform inspection it was found out that no signs of a collapse on it are present.
Earlier in a number of mass-media there was an information on a collapse of a part of a platform. Moreover, it was mentioned even about injured incident.
the head a press - services of the mayor and the government of capital Sergey Tsoy has already declared that it was a question of misinformation. the misinformation fact will be separately considered. The guilty will be made answerable - S.Tsoy has concluded.
we will remind that in August, 2002 the part of a platform of the Third transport ring has fallen around Luzniki. As it was found out, under a platform there were trading pavilions in which the fire has begun. Fire was quickly threw on the bridge which is opposite to stadium Luzniki . That has led to a collapse of design TTK therefore the funnel in diameter of 50 metres was formed. About 100 metres of a road covering in both parties from fire epicentre has sagged on the average on 1 - 1,5 metres.
incident has done without victims, some drivers have received heatstrokes.