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eks - US president Dzh. Carter has got to hospital

the Former US president Jimmy Carter (State of Ohio) is hospitalised in a city hospital of Clevelend. As it became known, 85 - to the summer politician it became bad during flight, transfers Associated Press referring to representatives of the International airport of Clevelend.
It is informed that J. Carter flied from Atlanta to Clevelend on presentation of the book. It became known later that the reason of hospitalisation of a steel of a problem with a stomach.
according to native, J. Carter quickly goes on the amendment, however, under forecasts of doctors, it will keep in hospital at least till morning of environment. The presentation of the book planned for the same day eks - the US president in Washington is not cancelled yet.
we will remind, 39 - j US president Dzh. Carter has been selected from Democratic party and headed the country with 1977. On 1981. At its presidency between the USSR and the USA the contract on restriction of strategic armaments OSV - 2 which and has not been ratified later has been signed. Besides, during board of J. Carter relations between Washington and Teheran after Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979 have worsened. At J. Carter Persian gulf has been declared by a zone of strategic interests of the USA.