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In the USA there was a deficiency of medicines for carrying out of the death penalties

With an unexpected problem the American justice has faced. There was a deficiency of medicines which are used for injections at carrying out of the death penalties.
absence of medicines was declared by business concern Hospira from which the preparation contract on delivery pentotala is concluded. She has declared that has not received necessary ingridientov from the partners, inform the British mass-media.
according to some information, deficiency can last till March of next year. Thereupon some prisoners already should transfer death penalty terms for more later time.
it is necessary to notice that only in two states pentotal it is used as unique means of killing of the guilty. However in 33 states it is an integral part a cocktail in which three medical products enter at once.
some experts consider that Hospira could organise deficiency intentionally. Pentotal it is possible to use and for anaesthesia, and the company asserted time and again that opposes applications of a preparation for the death penalty.
it is necessary to notice that one American state has declared that does not test while lacks of the medicines which overdose leads to death. It is Texas which is in the lead on number of death sentences.