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The GAI officer has wounded prohozhuju, pursuing the reckless driver in the centre of Moscow

Police officers have casually wounded the woman, pursuing the driver - the reckless driver in the centre of Moscow.
incident details were told by the head of department of the information and public relations of the capital Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Victor Birjukov. Nearby 18:30 Moscow time around street Small Georgian employees of traffic police have seen, how the automobile car was developed through two continuous strips. The driver has ignored the requirement to stop and has tried to disappear, real threat to other cars and pedestrians has been thus created.
Trying to stop the infringer, militiamen have opened fire on foreign car wheels. By tragical accident one of bullets, having jumped aside from asphalt, has got in casual prohozhuju which went on sidewalk. Suffered with hip wound it is hospitalised.
the driver of a foreign car is detained. According to a source in law enforcement bodies, lihachem there was a citizen deprived of the rights for driving in a state of intoxication. Upon wound prohozhej office check is spent.