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The witness on the case of crimes of Albanians in Kosovo is found dead

In Germany the basic witness on the case of the war crimes made by the Albanian party during the conflict to Kosovo in 1998 - 1999 is found out dead. According to representatives of the law and order, the body of Agima Zogaja is found in city park of Duisburg, suburb of Dusseldorf, transfers TV channel V92.
As policemen have informed, the basic version of death of the witness at present is suicide. They have specified that all signs specify that the man, whose indications were key in business against a number of the former commanders of Liberation army of Kosovo, was hung up itself.
violent death signs it is not observed, however the police waits for opening.
we will remind, in 1998. After cancellation of an autonomy of Kosovo and Metohii in edge operations between the Albanian separatists and the Yugoslavian military men have begun. After so-called slaughter in Rachake forces of the NATO which have begun operation " have interfered with war; Allied force accompanied by bombardments of Yugoslavia.
the international tribunal across the former Yugoslavia has initially accused of war crimes against Serbs of 8 Albanians - officers of Liberation army of Kosovo. By this time three from them are justified, two left on freedom, and one more process is postponed. The former field commander Ramush Haradinaj at first has been justified, but in July 2010. The sentence in its relation has been excellent from - for possible intimidations of witnesses.