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Victims at explosion in Dagestan are in a grave condition

Two victims at explosion in settlement Tashkapur of Levashinsky area of Dagestan in the afternoon on September, 28th are in a grave condition, but nothing threatens their life. On it has informed a source in medical circles of republic.
explosion has thundered nearby 15:00 Moscow time on a fork of a highway of Kuppa - Gergebil. Policemen have stopped the suspicious car VAZ - 2106 for check of documents. At the moment of journey of a train of the head of administration of municipal union Gergebilsky area the explosive has detonated, have told in the republic Ministry of Internal Affairs.
as a result of incident the sergeant of police Abdulmazhid Mirzoev, the driver VAZ - 2106 and members of his family, including children were lost. On a place of state of emergency the funnel in diameter of 3,5 m was formed and depth 30 see In hospital have been delivered four suffered policemen, two from them later have died.
Investigating bodies SK the Russian Federation across Dagestan bring action to signs of the crimes provided by item 317 (an encroachment on life of the law enforcement officer), ch. 2 items 105 (murder of two and more persons), item 222 and 223 (illegal circulation of the weapon and illicit manufacturing of the weapon, explosives) the criminal code of Russian Federation. Inspectors believe that explosion was attempt at the head of Gergebilsky area.