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The fire in the Kronstadt garrison has changed the schedule of divorce of bridges

the Cause of the fire in barracks of Kronshtadsky garrison Leningrad military - the sea base, located on Vasilevsky island in Petersburg, there could be an infringement of safety rules at carrying out of welding works. The message on ignition has arrived on the life-saving service panel at 03:30 Moscow time, have informed in GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures on a city.
the city authorities had to change the schedule of divorce of bridges that firemen have free reached an incident place. Bridge Tuchkov`s second distributing should be postponed from 03:35 till Moscow time. Palace, Blagoveshchensk and Troitsk bridges have been shown at once upon termination of movement of courts - for 35 minutes before the schedule. By that moment at bridges the column of fire technics has concentrated.
20 fire-fighting crews have taken part in ignition suppression, however they have faced a new problem - shortage of water. From - for low pressure in hydrants water typed from gulf of Finland that has demanded a lining of the main line on distance of 900 m. to Localize ignition it was possible by 06:40 Moscow time, the fire area has made about 2 thousand in sq. m.
Of burning barracks 214 persons have been evacuated, anybody from them has not suffered. The ignition centre could settle down on barracks attic. At the moment investigators find out the incident reasons.
upon a fire public prosecutor`s check is organised, have informed in a press - service of the Western military district, informs - Petersburg .