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Explosion in Dagestan was considered as attempt at the head of area

by Inspectors consider as one of versions of the act of terrorism which has occurred on September, 28th on suburb of settlement Tashkapur of Levashinsky area of Dagestan, attempt at the head of Gergebilsky area of republic Magomeda Magomedova. The bomb capacity from 20 to 40 kg in a trotyl equivalent has blown up, when the train of the Dagestan official passed by the mined car.
on an explosion place the funnel in diameter of 3,5 m and depth of 30 sm, the police car VAZ - 2121 was formed and cars of a train of M.Magomedov have received considerable damages, have informed in a press - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan. Eight persons became victims of explosion: a family of Ahmedovyh from village Hadzhalmahi and some police officers. The official at explosion has not suffered.
investigating bodies SK the Russian Federation across Dagestan bring action to signs of the crimes provided by item 317 (an encroachment on life of the law enforcement officer), ch. 2 items 105 (murder of two and more persons), item 222 and 223 (illegal circulation of the weapon and illicit manufacturing of the weapon, explosives) the criminal code of Russian Federation.
from an explosion place fragments of the damaged cars are withdrawn, carrying out himiko - biological examinations is appointed. Employees SK the Russian Federation continue crime investigation.