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Capacity of the bomb which have worked in Dagestan estimate in 20 kg of trotyl

Capacity of the explosive which has worked the day before nearby 15:15 Moscow time on crossing of roads Kupa - Gergebil on suburb of village Tashkapur of Levashinsky area of Dagestan, has made about 20 kg in a trotyl equivalent. On it have informed in a press - service of Investigatory committee.
the investigatory actions directed on an establishment of circumstances of incident are at the moment conducted. Are appointed vzryvo - technical, biological, it is judicial - medical and others kriminalisticheskie examinations which will allow to establish involved in fulfilment of act of terrorism of persons.
as the priority version attempt at the head of administration of Gergebilsky area of Dagestan Magomeda Magomedov is considered. As a result of explosion its train has received considerable damages, the official has not suffered.
At explosion eight persons - one police officer and seven civilians, including 11 - the summer girl were lost. Six more policemen are hospitalised with wounds of various severity level.
upon explosion action under item 317 (an encroachment on life of the law enforcement officer), ch is brought. 2 items 105 (murder of two and more persons), item 222 and 223 (illegal circulation of the weapon and illicit manufacturing of the weapon, explosives) the criminal code of Russian Federation.